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ADVENTURE GIRLS IN BALI: TREE CLIMBING ADVENTURES!On our way to the tree climbing park we discovered a big snake!

Looking through my pictures I noticed that I spent quite some time in the air during my Bali trip.

As we are the Adventure Girls they put us straight on the EXTREME LEVEL of the tree park!

Here you have to swing from a tree top to a net and then grab onto the net!

Mandy and Betty weren't able to grab it... So the pressure was on my shoulders. I was determined to grab it and with so much determination, you can only succeed!

After the bungee jump I felt this was already extremely high... It's weird knowing what the feeling of falling down many metres is...

Monkey style!

Our director Shane did the whole course bare foot... Now that's pretty hardcore as we had to walk on cables and splintery wood etc.

It was fun being a monkey, but the biggest challenge is not visible here...After a long van ride that took us to the tree climbing park, Mandy and I needed to go to the bathroom. However, the bathroom was kinda far away and with camera's around you don't really wanna pee in the bushes...We didn't have time to go so we ended up holding our pee throughout the whole course...We didn't realize that it would take so long to film the whole thing! After every obstacle we had to wait till the camera men got into the right position. We were very relieved when we completed the course so we could finally go and find the bathroom!

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DAMN girl... Just keep on RUNNING things!....
over 15 years ago
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you must have gotten buff from all this stuff...
over 15 years ago
Photo 23833
hahhaa, holding pee, i hate it when that happens. by the way, going to Shanghai with a bunch of friends April 19th weekend will you be around?
over 15 years ago
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Ahhh that looks like so much fun. Sucks about the bathroom situation though heh.
over 15 years ago


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