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"Burn" by Chet Lam

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FOH7tvbgHBAFinally this video on TV, and most excited, it is released on a DVD with Chet's new album release in China. This Music video was produced in Switzerland while Chet was visiting me. He give me the demo of the song like 3 months ago, I remember on the day of shooting, we was both very tired, and Chet is sooooo "burn" out from over works in Hong Kong, but as we planned a lot time ago, and I have don...Read more

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The end is the begining when the end is in the begining of the end...

Just came back from the last production meeting in Switzerland before I head to Hong Kong. It was a warm and constructive round up. I am comfortable with the handover and I think things should be fine during my absent in Switzerland. (who knows?)

There's this abstract kind of energy that I have been trying to figure out, which can hold the motivation and the crew together, and I am asking myself everyday, what kind of a working environment I want to give to my crew, and to crea...Read more

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Kit Hung's Showreel

This is exciting! Finally a community based in Asia are created! Welcome and thank you for visiting my page. 太好了,有一個亞洲主導的Media Worker Community.歡迎,謝謝!

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一 take 過的 MV, One take Music Videos






音場市場的委縮除了在音樂形態上可以聽到外,其實在音樂錄影帶上都可以看到。歐洲的本地市場最近出現了很多所謂「trashy」的低成本 MV,與那些高成本及畫面非常漂亮的國際水準MV唱反調,這個發展使很多新導演有機會表現自己的才華。有心有力的(新)導演在有限的資源下出盡腦汁希望在短短三四分鐘內凝住觀眾那拿着 Remote Control,不斷在轉台的手,手法層出不窮,在這裡我想談一談「一take」過的MV。


一take過,沒有剪輯的音樂錄影帶就沒有這個袍服。但一take過的製作特別考導演在場景設計上的工夫。因為自有「剪接」的概念以來,很多在節奏上及視覺上...Read more

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Another MV of Chet Lam directed by me is on air now.Background information of the MV can be find here. http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/kit-hung/article?mid=2&fid=8「燃」MV出街啦!(謝謝Katrina)

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This writing is taken from Sandy Fong (Sandy Mama)'s facebook profile. Only meet Sandy for a few times, but she has been quite an impressive person to me. Having been living in Switzerland for a while, I am certainly missing this straight forward, honest and direct respond from people. Reading this article reminded me of what is the key element of making a good movie, is - "heart".

7:17pm Sunday, Sep 23by Sandy Fong 今天有機會欣賞了<色.戎>的特別場,作為觀眾,我真的很想衷心向梁朝偉先生敬禮,以一個香港資深而極具知名度的演員來說,他在<色.戎>中豁出去的演出,令人不得不對他肅然起敬,讚嘆他的忘我和專業。這電影...Read more

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Casting Call - Berlin

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零晨一時五十三分,itune 放着 Tori Amos 的 A Piano The Collection. 我與劇本一起,桌上是大分場,電腦上有對白。我還活着...

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這幾天瑞士全國都下着雨,Bern的河Aare及小城市Olten水浸,忽然想起那幾天在Tosana。在這十多天,我們住在一山頂的小村子 Roccatederighi,被世一流,就是小了點人氣,整個小城都保留了 中世紀意大利的古蹟

對香港人來說,去旅行(holiday/vacation)就是觀光及Shopping,及shopping and shopping and shopping...在這裡,旅行就是一個Break。這個break可以無什麼特別目的,只是把自己抽離工作及故有的生活空間。我在這十多天大部份都只是陽光沙灘太陽油吃吃走走游游水又再陽光沙灘吃吃走走...看到的感受到的,部和瑞士及香港不同,那就是我的...Read more

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除了Ketmit 還有 Jason Mraz...

in respond to Chet Lam's new blog entry and to extend my respond from his page... you can't miss that. :D

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Thank you for visiting my blog, for more info, please also visit: http://www.KitHung.net. From today on, I will slowly release notes from the making of my fi

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