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Casting Call - Berlin

Got a casting call from Arnold Lars on 31st of Sep, and on Monday the week after I was flew to Berlin to act in a film. Swedish production, shoot location in Berlin. I was a Japanese Business man. (!)

First time in a European film set in front of the camera, and first time full English scrīpt! Small crew, but the atmosphere is really good. People is very considerate and supporting, at the same time showing a passionate attitude toward what that are doing. Director Helena, and AD Jenny I like most, very professional and hardworking!! :D.

I have been to Berlin for a few time, mostly for the film festival and art event, this first experience in the filmming community gives me refreshing experience, a different perspective.

Cities of Passion, chasing dreams - Beijing, Berlin, New York City

Came back from Berlin for almost 10 days now. Finally, it's time to start the pre-production of "Wind Chime" in Switzerland. Coming soon.

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