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The end is the begining when the end is in the begining of the end...

Just came back from the last production meeting in Switzerland before I head to Hong Kong. It was a warm and constructive round up. I am comfortable with the handover and I think things should be fine during my absent in Switzerland. (who knows?)

There's this abstract kind of energy that I have been trying to figure out, which can hold the motivation and the crew together, and I am asking myself everyday, what kind of a working environment I want to give to my crew, and to create for myself?

Most of the people tend to wait for orders, wait for instructions, and don't want to bare the responsibility when mistakes are made.

Since I am started the pre-production, I am telling myself that I have to look for a "leaders". Beside me, as a director, I indeed needed someone who is able to make decisions, to try new ways to achieving the goal; at the same time, have to share similar vision and aesthetic value with me.

I am finally, very glad tonight, to see the motivation of all the key crews, and the willingness to paticipate and share. Hyunch once told me, she said I should find people that is looking for a leader, but now, I found out, it is more important to look for leaders on a specific area to share and work together, so that the network is actually expanding and yet the motivation and energy is condensing at the same time.

As a film director, a very important job for me, is to make sure everyone have their own creative space within the project, and how I can integrate there creativities and talent to make the project to a different level. It's not only the creative decisions you're making, but also the skill you have in order to communicate with people who work with you.

So abstract, so difficult to just to record it by words, but that's what I never feel like looking for an actor to fit in a character, but rather to find a way to change the role to let the actors find himself within the character, or to blow up certain similar experience between the actor and the role.

So, ahead of me is the pre-production phase in Hong Kong and Beijing. I really wonder if things can turn out like this, or if there's a lot more difficulties since I know too much about the mentality and people over there...

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