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"Burn" by Chet Lam

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FOH7tvbgHBAFinally this video on TV, and most excited, it is released on a DVD with Chet's new album release in China. This Music video was produced in Switzerland while Chet was visiting me. He give me the demo of the song like 3 months ago, I remember on the day of shooting, we was both very tired, and Chet is sooooo "burn" out from over works in Hong Kong, but as we planned a lot time ago, and I have done a lot of test with similar effect,we both wanted to get this video started.

Although I know there's have been a lot of work trying to break the traditional form of narrative, I always feel like if I am not actually doing it, I will not be able to push my thinking to the next phase, so this video have the lyrical meaning that I can give a trial.

I didn't have a lot of MV product, but this is one of my MV that I like most, knowing that that's actually not alot of space for a director to experiment and try new things in a music video(in the commercial music industry), I feel very thankful for knowing Chet, who always give me 100% trust in my production, and enough time to fine tune and experiment.

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