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Sadie Benning

I remember I was SO CRAZY about Sadie Benning. She got famous when she is 13 year old, after making a video with her fisher-price pixel vision toy camera.

20 years after this video, I was looking for the same camera everywhere in America, e-bay, and I finally got one, NTSC, records only on audio cassette tape, I have this camera in my hand and I feel like I am a "REAL" video artist.

I grow up, of course.

Today I find some videos of her online, seeing all the comment from the "audience", thinking  &qu...Read more

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All about our mother

Got that video from my friend Siu' Yeah's blog. Hope you guys will like it too.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFYcmZEOvW4

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Edison Chen arrived Switzerland

I was chatting with my friend Hyper-BB, and Yan Yan, and both of them told me Hong Kong people have already "get used" to that Edison Chen's scandal. -> meaning, feel boring talking about it, and it is not raising any interest anymore.

I am glad.

It's not something that worth talking about anymore, but it's shock to see Switzerland is bring it to i...Read more

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"and...action" by Kelly Cha

One great experience that I have to mention from the Beijing trip is the co-operation with TREE/HOUSE, an upcoming production company runs by a Hong Kong Chinese - Di Shen, and a German - Florian Zinke. With this international background of the company, they are able to open up and absorbideas from different cultures and work with international clients andprofessionals, this is what really interest me - the diversity and unlimited opportunities that eve...Read more

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2nd, Feb, 2008,

It's coming, the first snow in Switzerland since I come back on 30 of Jan.

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剛點起煙車就來 by Chet Lam

Here we go...剛點起煙車就來Directed by Kit Hung Performed by Chet Lam

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Chet Lam new MV - 剛點起煙車就來 by 林一峰

Project Title: 剛點起煙車就來 Music Video ProductionSinger: 林一峰 When: 4th Jan, 2008, 3:30pm - 4:00am (5th Jan)

Where: Pure Art Workshop

Who: Chet Lam(Singer/Producer), Kit Hung(Director/Producer), Phoebe Wong(Gaffer/DP)

Met Chet on 26th of Dec, and his present to me in the boxing day is to make a music video for his new single (!?). "Let me hear it first." I said it as usual, p...Read more

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I haven't been doing this for loooooong time: is to keep looping one song again and again.

Sometimes I wonder what is the magic of one song that can keeps people listening to it, even keeps listening to it.

After this long trip (well, only 50 days) in Shang Hai and Beijing, I realized that being able to effort to keep listening to one song, without any other things to disturb is very difficult, and to me, to be able to dip yourself into one song, to enjoy that kind of romance, is luxurious.Coming back from Beijing and Shan...Read more

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討厭!(Good to be Back!)












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