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Sadie Benning

I remember I was SO CRAZY about Sadie Benning. She got famous when she is 13 year old, after making a video with her fisher-price pixel vision toy camera.

20 years after this video, I was looking for the same camera everywhere in America, e-bay, and I finally got one, NTSC, records only on audio cassette tape, I have this camera in my hand and I feel like I am a "REAL" video artist.

I grow up, of course.

Today I find some videos of her online, seeing all the comment from the "audience", thinking  "video art" is not as timeless as I think... and an artist needed to be able to keep up with his audience with his art work... but still, Sadie is a big influences, I remember in every video classes I took, it almost started with her name...

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