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Chet Lam new MV - 剛點起煙車就來 by 林一峰

Project Title: 剛點起煙車就來 Music Video ProductionSinger: 林一峰 When: 4th Jan, 2008, 3:30pm - 4:00am (5th Jan)

Where: Pure Art Workshop

Who: Chet Lam(Singer/Producer), Kit Hung(Director/Producer), Phoebe Wong(Gaffer/DP)

Met Chet on 26th of Dec, and his present to me in the boxing day is to make a music video for his new single (!?). "Let me hear it first." I said it as usual, putting a piece of Peking duck into my mouth, a pair of ear phone passed in front of me before the 3rd chew...

"It's called 'Cigarette and Car'." Chet said, "I remember." I said, and without any hesitation, I go on thinking about when and where, and how it should be made. He paid the check for the Peking duck. :D

So, here we go, another Chet Lam's  music video one weeks later.

I put the focus of this music video on it's visual style, and to high light the humor of its lyrics.

"The car arrive when you've just lighted up a cigarette", a metaphor for life -> things always happened out of our expectations: e.g. Mr. Right comes when we decided to final our selections;  A heavy shower on the day we don't have a umbrella with us...

Selections of primary color and high contact images with little details suggested a simple and lighter way to understand this video. Multiplet-images of Chet created the visual styles and rhythm, fast cut, shots are pushing in and pushing out each other. Everything shoot in front of a green screen, we have 10 costumes, 4 funniest images of Chet ever made. Everybody is enjoying the shooting, laughing all along...

The multi-images of Chet and the camera movement somehow coherence with my last video with him - " Burn".

Use of TV images suggest that everything in the world is flamed -> why don't we take a deep breath, relax, and focus on the positive side of the incidences. Trash the cigarette, get on the car; OR, finish the cigarette and wait for the next arrival -> the world still turns around, life is more colorful with these lost and find, up and down, surprise and unexpected events.

Life can be very simple if you want it to... :D

... and I still think he is a lot more charming with the guitar.

P.S. MV release soon, watch out www.chetlam.com and www.10mm.ch

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