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"and...action" by Kelly Cha

One great experience that I have to mention from the Beijing trip is the co-operation with TREE/HOUSE, an upcoming production company runs by a Hong Kong Chinese - Di Shen, and a German - Florian Zinke. With this international background of the company, they are able to open up and absorbideas from different cultures and work with international clients andprofessionals, this is what really interest me - the diversity and unlimited opportunities that every bodies is looking at right now in China, and tree house is PRACTICALLY working on it.

I know TREE/HOUSE from Cui Zi'en during my first visit in Feb 2007, and since than we have been longing for a chance for co-operation. Out of my expectation, while I am in Beijing rounding up my cast for my feature film, Di-Shen called me up and ask me if I would be interested to work with him in this music video of Kelly Cha - a multi-talented performer from LA, and of course, my reaction is "YES! YES! YES!"

19th Dec, 2007, I have given the honor to work with TREE/HOUSE, and to co-direct a music video - "And...Action" by Kelly Cha, a singer/songwriter based in Beijing. Kelly was living in L.A. for years and have returned to the "motherland" for a few years already. She is currently hosting a few bilingualTV shows in China, and non-stop chasing and realizing her dreams - making MUSIC.

Working on this music video in Beijing is a totally brand new experience, and I am very impressed by how everybody is taking the job very seriously, being very considerate on set (-4 degree in a film studio shot for 20 hours, non-stop!!), the team spirit of us, is what very difficult to find else where.

 Below is the music video I co-directed with Di-Shen, and is my first video in Beijing. - "And...Action". So, guess that's the wrap up of my YEAR of BIG! coming will be a lot of info about my up coming feature film - SOUNDLESS WINDCHIME, hope you guys enjoy the video below!

Kelly Cha website can be found here

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