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Wake up! The world doesn't revolve round us!

I just read this news and really think it is ridiculous for the college student to make a fuss over such a matter!


In short, this arrogant college senior needed input for a paper she is writing and she called apple's media relation department in vain. She then wrote email to Steve Jobs directly to complain, but got some responses she didn't expect.

After reading this story, I was like... wtf? I mean, I wasn't shocked by how Apple or Jobs responded, but by the attitude of that student and how a stupid matter like this could become national news...

At first, it seems like there must be something wrong with Apple or Jobs for ignoring/posting such cynical comments, but after reading the entire story (or at least the student's account and the language she used), I can perfectly understand why such responses were given.

"The completion of this article is crucial to my grade in the class, my deadline is tomorrow... and it may potentially get published in our university's newspaper" Hey kid, you need to wake up, your grade maybe crucial to you, but it has nothing to do with this world at all. Don't make it like if you fail the paper, the world would collapse or Apple would bankrupt.

As someone who has been in the media business before, not getting response from your target is so common that it wouldn't be wrong to say 6~7 out of 10 times it happens. So do you make a complaint to the CEO or the head of the organization every time you don't get a response, crying and begging that your writing deadline is near and you're not getting any response to finish your article?

As a journalist (or any professional), I think one of the beginners training is to learn how to get the job done in the most effective way, rather than making a fuss or blaming others on your failure in completing your task. If you don't get response from one, try to find an alternative way to finish the job (e.g. find another people to interview or get feedback, change the perspective of the article, or even change your topic. ) The priority is the job itself, but not to find excuse for your failure.

I think one big problem of nowadays teenagers is that they all think they are the center of the world, the earth revolves round them and everything has to happen their own way, otherwise it is simply not right and should be complained or rectified to meet their own standard. Also, if something cannot be done, someone/something else should be blamed, as it is certainly not their own problem.

I understand that the kid might be too naive and ignorant to be blamed, so a bigger surprise to me was the negligence of her professor at school for not reminding her the reality of journalism? AND the biggest surprise is why some national news network would make a fuss over it too (do they have some negative relationship with Apple?) Also, notice the news story only quotes a very small portion of what the student writes to Jobs (and didn't even ask her to reenact the speech or attitude she used when she called their media relation department)...

So you understand the quality of our media and you know why we would produce such media student... or the other way around, whatever way you like to interpret it.

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"The priority is the job itself, but not to find excuse for your failure." ... agreed.
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