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Visiting Tianjin

Took a day trip to the city of Tainjin on Thursday to attend the opening of a new polo club.  I'd never seen a polo match before and I was curious to see what  polo match in China would be like.  After all, the game of polo originated in China and Persia about 2000 years ago.  The grounds and club were impeccable, although the buildings were still not finished and the food that was served at the match at half time was amazing.The strange thing was that none of the people on the field were Chinese.  Everyone, including the half time entertainment was brought in from Europe.  The polo players were British, the marching band came from Russia and the dancers came from Eastern Europe as well.  There were even Eastern European women hired to stand at the entrance of the polo club to show how "international" the club was.We were incredibly lucky to get to the venue at all.  After a 25 minute ride on the bullet train from Beijing (for only 58¥ or about $9) we hopped in a cab to the event.  The most exciting part of our journey that morning was on the way to the event in the taxi.  While on the freeway our driver realized he was lost and instead of getting off at the next exit and turning around, he decided to make a u-turn in the middle of the freeway and proceeded to travel in the opposite direction of the traffic!!!  Apparently this is not uncommon in China, especially in Tianjin.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp3ryvUtICYAfter the match we jumped into another cab to town to eat the speciality of Tainjin called Goubuli Baozi, which literally translates into "the dog disregards the dumpling".  I must admit i was a little concerned when i recognized the word "dog" in the name, but i was assured that I had nothing to worry about.We ate one of each of the seven flavors it came in and it was easy to see why this dish was so popular in Tainjin.  They were amazing.Goubuli Baozi - each dumpling comes in it's own little bamboo steamer.This restaurant is well known for their goubuli  baozi.Right after we finished eating a young man in a red tunic came to the tables and performed a traditional Chinese rap assisted by clappers called kuaiban or kuai shu.  These clappers have been in China for thousands of years but this particular kind of rapping was developed in Tianjin in the 1940's.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBDHAkYhFpARule #1:  When visiting Tianjin, make sure you go to the bathroom before jumping into a cab!

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dude, that's so freakin' scary! I would have soiled my pants! :-O
over 13 years ago
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I really enjoy reading your blogs, but each blog makes me less inclined to visit China. :)
over 13 years ago
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lol no doubt about chinese being the worse drivers now... i mean when i was in suzhou it was pretty much the same thing. but when they saw a red light they would drive through it. scary shiiiiit.... haha
over 13 years ago
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Back in Beijing! Hows it goin? I've been in China for about a year and I've never seen that crazy backward driving.. sigh.. not surprising in China though..
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