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no longer a blog virgin|開始寫blog|开始写blog

there r many songs that didnt get published in my library, they sometimes mean more to me than the popular ones.  and i ll start sharing them with u on this site.

the birth of "saranghae":

it is 3:45am, we just had a long distant fight (can be a good thing if u like to hang up on people) but i prefer instant resolution (it doesn't exist).

i tried calling about 10 times and got the machine, feeling angry and frustrated, all i want to do is call and say i love u, miss u, and listen to your sleep.

long distance relationship is hard enough, so why r we doing this to ourselves?

loneliness is my life now.


2 days later, i got the person, not the machine









"saranghae" 的诞生:


我打了 10次电话,得到了这台机器。我感到生气和沮丧。我想做的只是打电话说我爱你、我想你。远距离关係很难维持,那么我们自己为什么还这么做?




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I love to hear the stories behind songs...
about 13 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
I'm diggin it.
about 13 years ago
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wow. the demo is amazing.
about 13 years ago
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Great song! :-)
about 13 years ago
Celina 22046615 1614778101877994 2904770034740622593 n
yo man! so happy to see you on AnD! Hope you're doing well :) Keep writing! Check out my songs too! I wrote them, we should write together some time! Cx
about 13 years ago
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hey dude:) nice seeing u on dat day! pls update ur blog! its been awhile! lol~ love ur music! keep writing the great pieces for us! peace lil Maine"
about 13 years ago


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