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Typhoon 8 in Macau

This is What happened when the Last Typhoon 8 hit us.HK and Macau...

Is it me or are there just a bit too many typhoon hitting us  this year...what are we on to now....the 7th one?

 As we see in picture,This used to be Macau's one and only public swimming pool in Coloane...by a beach called "Cheok Van". I used to live 5 minutes away from that pool...I would always drive there late at nite and just chill by the beach.....What is happening to the world today? ice melting, one too many typhoons....lets not even talk about the stocks...Albums are not selling anymore...rent is getting more and more expensive,cab drivers seems like they all play in a death metal band,buses and cab s are fighting to get in front of one another,..If we just step back and just appreciate things....

 in 2-3 generations down the line, do u think our great grandchildren will have a hard time? just wondering.....



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crazy weather. we gotta be more environmental friendly.
over 15 years ago
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wow~what is this!??
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