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2nd, Hand Gear

Hi Everyone....

A keyboard friend of mine Just finished his tour in China and would like to sell his gear instead of shipping it back to the states which would be expensive and unreasonable, So , he'd rather sell it to anyone who will make better use of it...


  1. ROLAND SUPER JV 1080 (Without Expansion Cards) 110V,SKB Case Included !!

2.APEX ULTIMATE KEYBOARD STAND- Two Tiers....(Whatever that means...i think its able to put 2 keyboards,not sure)

I have no Idea how much he wants to sell it for, Feel free to contact me, Big -T (his name) will be in town till end of jan...hit me up if anyone of u are interested.

Thanks so much !

Peace and Love to my fellow AnD family..and a safe 2009 !


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Mate is there any classified ads listing in HK for second hand gear? Never managed to find one.
over 15 years ago
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Yeah... we should start one here on AnD I got some stuff to sell
over 15 years ago
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What gear!?!?!? Unless you're looking to snag top of the line amps & guitars from departing expat bankers, there is sod all of interest for sale in HK. Where did all the vintage stuff go! Was it ever here?!
over 15 years ago


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