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Try it out, I'm gonna be there! | 試試吧, 我也會在參予的!!!| 试试吧, 我也会在参予的!!!

Jeanne Hartmann has the most fun acting class and she is coming back to Hong Kong.  I'm so excited to go to her class again, I've taken her class last year.  I had loads of fun!!!!  More importantly was that I felt so much more confident not just in my acting.  I've had huge realization as to how I present myself in public speaking.   I felt that I've conquered the fear of speaking up at meetings and at work.  I think that this class is good for anyone who wants to improve themselves especially for those who wants to control their inner strength.Try it out, I'm gonna be there!



Jeanne Hartmann有一個很有趣的演戲課程而她將會重臨香港呢!! 我將會再次參予她的課程, 十分高興, 我去年亦有參予她的課程, 從中我得到了很多樂趣!! 最重要的是我感到不單是我對演技得到了很多信心, 當我面對群眾說話時亦對自己有很大的肯定, 我覺得自己克服了於會議或是工作時說話的恐懼, 我認為這課堂是對每位想提升自已的人也有幫助, 尤其是那些想控制自己內在能力的人.
試試吧, 我也會在參予的!!!

Jeanne Hartmann有一个很有趣的演戏课程而她将会重临香港呢!! 我将会再次参予她的课程, 十分高兴, 我去年亦有参予她的课程, 从中我得到了很多乐趣!! 最重要的是我感到不单是我对演技得到了很多信心, 当我面对群众说话时亦对自己有很大的肯定, 我觉得自己克服了于会议或是工作时说话的恐惧, 我认为这课堂是对每位想提升自已的人也有帮助, 尤其是那些想控制自己内在能力的人. 试试吧, 我也会在参予的!!!   Peace


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Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Mama!! I'll see you there! :)
about 15 years ago
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Wow its good that classes like can elevate your skills further. Good to know though ^^
about 15 years ago
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nice! thanks for your support Josie!
about 15 years ago


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