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Learnt a lot this weekend, JEANNE!  YOU ROCK!  I've joined the Jeanne Hartman's acting class this weekend, so inspiring and have a bag full of tricks now.  It was such a ride and loads of fun!  Love to do those exercise with all our friends, it was all so challenging!  You're all great actors!!!  It's a nice time for bonding as well.  Jeannie's teaching was so accurate, this class has given me lots of answers to my questions for so long in my acting career.   Thanks so much to Jason Tobin, thanks to Alivenotdead!!  And of course, Daniel Wu for that beautiful space.   You guys rock!  If anyone is interested to learn more about acting and reading people, you must check out Jean's class, it's so useful!!    This was a very important lesson for me, it's shown me the right mindset on acting and scrip acknowledgement and so much.  I'm so excited about my next film project which will start shooting in a week, I think I'll do so much better! prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /




上一個週未裡我學了很多東西,JEANNE! YOU ROCK!我於上星期六參與了由Jeanne Hartman教授的演藝課堂,很能啟發靈感,現在我已滿袋子計謀,那真是很有趣!很喜愛我我所有朋友做這些練習,真是很有挑戰性!你們全都是優秀的演員!那亦是結立關係的很好機會。


Jeannie的教導是十分準確,這課堂解答了很多過去在我演藝事業裡得很多問題,十分感謝Jason Tobin,多謝Alivenotdead!!當然還要Daniel Wu提供了他美麗的工作空,You guys rock!如你們有興趣多學些關於演戲及閱人的知識,你們必定要看Jean的課堂,真是很有用的!! 這對我來說是很重要的一課,從中我學會了演戲的心靈態度及認知劇本,還有很多很多。我對下一個電影打攝工作感到很興奮,它將於一星期內開始拍攝,我覺得我會做得更好。





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nice, i hope your next film benefits from this experience!
over 15 years ago
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hi...................... ma ma
over 15 years ago
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Mama! You make one very cool and scary serial killer! I hope you get to play more of those roles coz you're perfect for them!
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