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How to shoot a movie in 2 weeks- Part 1

Wow what a month! I was ready to fly home to LA for the holidays until I got a phone call from my Singaporean family telling me that they want me to do this movie called "The Will."  I was like..hmmm....ok sure! Why not!  What happens next is two weeks of hardcore film making "Amazing Race" style!  Very tiring and challenging but I loved every single minute of it.

The movie also stars "Ah- Bu "AKA Brian Chou! I'm sure many of you recognize him from the TV show Adventure King. Can you tell we are related?

I don't think this place is accepting anymore admissions. Thank goodness.

The cast of "The Will." Yes...they even snuck in a press conference at the end of our shoot. Talk about wasting no time.

It was great working with Michelle Chong again! I had so much fun slapping her this time!

We even managed to travel to Phuket for a Street Fighter session.

I hate my job.

"Can I have some mo' sir?"

Peace at last....

Here's a sneak of Part 2....

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Great scene!
about 12 years ago
Danielchan d3 danielchan
Didn't we always say we were gonna do an indie movie on our own in 2 weeks... now you beat me to it. And I see you did your own stunts too...
about 12 years ago
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you lucky ass! looks great!
about 12 years ago
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about 12 years ago
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poor poor business class boy...
about 12 years ago


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