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Better late than never...feat.Onimal and Mr.Ng

I finally had the chance to upload all of my pics onto my laptop. Here's a little flashback from the Adidas and Diesel Party.

Don't  do this at home kids!!


What's Daniel doing ??

No introduction needed for these guys.


Cotton Candy....YUMMY....Sorry Daniel...you can't have any.

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Lol, seems like fun times...
over 12 years ago
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daniel is into rice...
over 12 years ago
Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Good times, eh? Better late than never...
over 12 years ago
Photo 23048
haha, that's good ;)
over 12 years ago
LOL! Good ol' days..... minus NELSON, of course. >=P
over 12 years ago
Photo 45602
hahhaha. probably trying to steal her food-in-a-stick through her ears!
over 12 years ago
Photo 79782
oh dear... looks like a great hangout! this pic would be even more entertaining if you guys could get your crazy friends (P or V?) to tear those stickers off with their teeth ^.^
over 12 years ago
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Yes, boys will be boys... lol
over 12 years ago
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Onimal looks like he has a slight pink mohawk going on cause of the lighting, lol...
over 12 years ago
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Cotton candy an wine...never would thought of that one together, but doesn't sound too bad, lol..
over 12 years ago
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Whadya mean there's no more cotton candy?!!
over 12 years ago
good times good times, lol!
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
over 12 years ago
Photo 92607
帥呆了```—( 不知道你能看懂麼)``
about 12 years ago
Photo 119057
2 handsome guys ...
about 12 years ago
Photo 90708
almost 12 years ago


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