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Another year!

WOW...what a year. It's that time of the year when everyone can leave everything behind and start partying their asses off!  I want to wish everyone on AlivenotDead, my friends, my family, and all those who have supported me this year a Merry X Mas. I Love you all!!! Bring it on 2009!!!

Random thought: Since I was 7 , i've always love dressing up in costumes during Xmas and play out the characters that I admired on tv. As you can tell from below....the E.T. shirt was just the beginning.

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        Like most kids that are born in Taiwan, I have huge allergy problems. I sneeze my nose off every morning when the weather changes and when the pollution levels are high. As a result of the allergies, we are less likely to go out and exercise.  Honestly, when you get the allergies, all you want to do is stay in a comfortable environment. You don't want to talk, you don't want to eat, you just don't want to do anything.  I'm not a doctor but it's pretty obvious that pollution is huge contributor to growth problems a...Read more

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Found these videos from the korean drama H.I.T.  I was falling asleep until this happend...



LOLOLOL...DOH! Let's try that again...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_9OWvEszCg What a way to blow off some steam after a long day of hardwork. I wish I could do this everyday.


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Long time no blog...

Hi everyone!!!

     It's been a long time since I blogged, so first and foremost allow me to apologize for my lack of participation.  SORRY PAT!! For those of you who are close to me, you know why I took a leave of absence. Please excuse my behavior. It won't  happen again.

    On a brighter note...while I was away, I was fortunate enough to work on a new project in Taiwan called "Love for Justice." In chinese it's called 天平上的馬爾濟斯. It's a new drama that just came out this past weekend and I must ...Read more

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To my friends Andy, Phil and Park...

Andy,Phil and Park . I know we are all busy doing out thang but I just wanted to say.....


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Pimp my Profile....

After noticing several AnD Memebers with their new profile pics,I asked AnD member D.Miles how can I pimp out my own avatar. Here it is. Thanks D. Miles!

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Kids..don't do this at home!

OKTOBERFEST!!!  It's that time of the year when people of all colors let loose and get loaded on "Apple Juice!"

Since I'm in Taiwan now and there's no such thing...all I can say is..."I will drink with you guys in spirit!"

Ahhh...miss the short hair.

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After bloggin about Mr. Matsuda the other day, my mind naturally wandered off to the next legend that came to mind.

Yes....that's right....Mr. Lee.....Mr. Bruce Lee.  There are thousands of pics out there but here are some of my favorite ones of Bruce. Believe it or not some of his best pics are the ones with his clothes on.

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Baddest MoFo ever !!!!

There's bad....

And there's BADASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

If you grew up in the 80's, you know the movie Black Rain.

I...Read more

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Hi My name is Johnny, the "H" is silent.

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