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Hi Everyone,

  Just a reminder to go to www.uonlive.com tonight at 10pm.  Park and I will be making our 6AM debut.  Please let us know what you think.  

Thanks for dropping by......Here's a little gift.   MORE GUILLERMO.


Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=kn0euytN-Ig

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Radio Show

Hi Everyone,

     It's  6AM!!!   Park and I had the previledge of being guests on a local Hong Kong online radio station www.uonlive.com  This the first time that we've shared our music with the public. The interesting looking gentleman to Park's left is local radio DJ ZOHO( great guy!) 

...Read more

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Taiwan Trip II

About a year ago, we filmed a 30 Episode TV drama (相逢何必曾相識 )that should be coming out later this year.  On th...Read more

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Hi Everyone,

 One of the projects that I've been working on is a crime drama that tells the coming of age story of 2 young immigrant boys from China who, along with 40 other teenagers, founded the largest organized crime syndicate in Taiwan. This story is inspired by the recent death of  family friend Mr. Chen Qi Li and his unconditional devotion to his friends, family, and the community of Taiwan and Cambodia.  As we all know, there are too ...Read more

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I would like to thank Pat and everyone at AnD for setting up my artist profile.  This site is growing bigger and better everyday and it's all because of the close community that came up with this idea in the first place. KUDOS TO AnD!!! 

I'm in Taiwan right now so I will post a blog when I return to HK.

Thanks for the support!!!

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6 a.m.

This is a track procduced by my long time friend Park and yours truly. It first started out as a way of killing time then it evolved into something serious.  Park has always been making music out of his little room and now has evolved into a fulltime hobbie. I'm very happy to help make this little dream of his become a reality.

This is our track. It makes you move....I promise. Our first version made onto the #2 spot on a Korean composer website. This i...Read more

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If you love George, Brad, Matt, AL and the rest of the gang, this is just for you.  I sure miss American television. FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!



THIS IS EVEN BETTER!!!!!! Yayson Bourne!!!!!



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A Mob Story

This movie by cult director Herman Yau was released earlier this year. The story takes place in Taiwan and HK and it stars Chi Lam, Cheung Dat Ming, and a Taiwanese actress named Yee Hsing. There was also...Read more

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Taiwan Trip

I was in Taiwan last week visiting family and realized how much I missed Taiwanese food. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera with me so I was forced to use my phone's camera.  I managed to sna...Read more

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Its's time of the year for the moon cake frenzy

buying a box of four it's just enough to make you dizzy.

Lotus ones! chocolate ones! frozen ones! Peanut Butter ones?!

crying out loud they even have Hello Kitty ones!

The sweet crust baked to perfection

becomes an introduction to pure lotus satisfaction.

Let's not forget the surprise hidden in the middle,

the yolk that resembles the shape of something I wouldn't say is little.

They told me it was a moon cake that I ate ...Read more

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Hi My name is Johnny, the "H" is silent.

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