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Performing Music

Into about my 5th mth in teaching piano. Yep, more my cup of tea as compared to accounts. But somehow i feel that something is still missing......my desire to perform.

Just had a conversation with one of my church choir friends who's a doctor, as well as self taught jazz pianist, who was with Thomson Jazz Band. And currently having his own jammings/stints. He was the one who introduced mainstream jazz to me by lending me many CDs, some scores and jamming with me at his house. He even bought a double bass to learn the jazz bass pa...Read more

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Visit to KC sec sch after 10 years~

Walked down memory lane in my sec school Katong Convent last friday with 3 of my ex sec 4 classmates. Coincidentally we were all from the prefectorial board previously. Bumped into a very nice Bio teacher of ours and ate with her at the canteen...Took photos of the school changed and unchanged.


But it's on...Read more

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Cheongsam photos

hi....figuratively putting my head on the chopping board. Feel vulnerable to show my cheongsam photos...

Collected my cheongsam from this outside boutique, and posted the photos, which were taken at home by family, without make-up on. Guess may need to alter from between now till Oct...see how.


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Excited about tmr

Hmm...tmr is my 2nd fitting for my made-to-measure (MTM) evening gown...plus 1st fitting of my cheongsam made at an outside shop. Pretty excited...quite high expectations of how they'd turn out to be.

Had a big hand in the design of the dresses, altho the colours were mainly suggested by the seamstress/designers.

Feeling a bit stressed haha. Coz since i myself am very critical and have pretty high expectations, ironically, i fear criticisms on the dresses if i post the pictures online. After all, the dresses are more or ...Read more

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Troublesome Ppl

Quite new to my recently taken up profession...only into my 3rd mth or so.

I'm quite pissed about things that some parents nitpick about.

1) How come the teacher doesn't write homework on the board?

First of all, i already said, feel free to take down notes as the lesson progresses, and if any qns, JUST ASK ME!!! Shouldn't you be responsible to take down the topics of the lessons as it's being taught in class??? And this was not told to me, it was told to my admin ppl. Secondly, i was not informed that ...Read more

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13th May 2007- Mother's Day

Just came back from Crystal Jade Kitchen Parkway....ordered the Mother's Day set dinner for my family except dad who's busy in a meeting. 46.80++, consist of roast pork and duck (like the crispy duck skin hee), sharkfin chicken boiled soup (felt nourished), fried cod fish dipped in the sauce (yum yum...), roast chicken, claypot tofu with pork something (likened to fish maw dunno wat u call that :P), stir fried succulent prawns with broccoli, ee fu noodles, red bean with gingko, and longetivity buns.

Full, so we...Read more

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Go Watch Blades of Glory!!!

Hi, just watched Blades of Glory at Suntec Eng Wah....it's SUPER FARNY!!!

Not to spoil the show, it's just about 2 guy singles skaters who tied for gold, but got barred from the skating world due to fighting on the podium while collecting their medals...However, there was a loophole, so they could take part in competitions not by singles men, but in pairs. So the archrivals combined to form a very comical team.

Really had a very great laugh just now....like shows which make me laugh a lot at times :) Good f...Read more

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NO PORK!!!!!

Just saw a video of pork containing maggots/worms after you pour coke over it to corrode the pork. (btw, coke and pork are not good for the body). So gross man...

Guess for Asians, it's difficult to give up pork...

2nd time i read/watch about why pork should not be consumed...

Copied and paste (coz im lazy...) from my friendster blog below:

[Just read an article on how dirty pork flesh was...super gross.

Ties in with what happened when I was holidaying at Taiwan. They throw unwanted food in a bin for p...Read more

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Touching Song

Found this gem song on my online friend's Multiply http://haze02.multiply.com/video/item/4?markread=haze02:video:4&repliesread=6

It's called Two Words (I Do) sung by Lea Salonga, the one who sang the original Ms Saigon, and Les Miserables. Power voice.  She sang this on her own wedding.

Just finished writing out the notes by listening to the above online video..will play on the piano for fun later.<...Read more

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So Happy to see Dan Wu on Visitor's Page

Feeling very surreal after seeing Dan Wu visited my profile...

Yups perhaps some of you have him even writing comments on your page...(which i wish for). But im so happy that i couldn't sleep last night :P Ended up on this website till 6am in the morning and slept till 8 plus before going for my piano teachers' training at 10am....Felt super concussed...result of happiness from seeing him on my visitor's list.

I must mention again that i'm so blown away by him in Protege...it's ...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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