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Watched 2 movies recently. Supposedly a guy and a gal hottie respectively.


Starring mainly Ashton Kutcher as a gigolo or a nicer term, Toy Boy. So he has no house nor car, but targets an older richer woman who owns a Merc and a big nice pad at LA. So he gets to live there and in exchange, satisfies her sexual demands. Going to parties to find someone to sleep with is his routine. And when he found someone whom he fell over, it ironically turned out that the gal is the exact replica of him, a social escort. But in the end she rejected his proposal and went with a rich guy instead. Tats how the story ends. Quite a bit of 'action' in here.

Jennifer's Body

Starring Megan Fox mainly as high sch cheerleader, typical. She was best friends with a dorky but nice gal since childhood, i tot i heard the name was "Needy" in the show :P sounds like tat at least. Jennifer asked Needy out to a bar to watch this band called Low Shoulder perform. Jennifer was into the lead singer, who led her to her demise. They drove her away in a van and intended to offer her as a Virgin sacrifice to satan so that their band will be more popular and successful. LIttle did they know she was not, so the warped sacrifice turned out that a demon possessed Jennifer's body and to sustain it, she has to feed on human blood/flesh watever. So she happens to target boys with the pretence of being interested in them.

So u can see her eating boys alive, ripping their guts out and drinking their blood. Basically lots of blood and puke of black liquid dunno if tat's diesal/petrol? and why i dun understand...And she finally targets Needy's boyfriend, and Needy killed her. And Jennifer's mother sent her to jail. Needy was bitten during the showdown, and she possessed partial powers of the demon. And she escaped prison, killed Low Shoulder band, end of story.

And yes, im still waiting for New Moon, as some of u will know...


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