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Jackie Chan in Chinatown LA

http://www.chinatownla.com/news.php?newsId=46 When I heard Jackie Chan was coming to Chinatown for a concert, I thought nothing of it.  But when I heard this was a freeevent , I just hadto be there!

(This thing went down in Central Plaza.  Unpaid plug: And next to it is the wonderful Wonder Bakery.  Go to Wonder Bakery for some wonderfully wondrous well baked goods!  I know the owner's family.  They go to my church.)

Here's the stage.  The theme of this is My Beloved Country.  I don't think they're referring to the US.

I got there in time enough for a decent view.  Standing room for the public only.  Luckily I'm slightly taller than the average Chinese American.

I might as well cut to chase.... herrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee's Jackie!

Don't you see him?  That's him there in the middle wearing a gray jacket getting into a tent.  He was wearing cool shades too....  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get more pictures. 

Well, I guess that's that.  Here's an old fat guy and a dorky emcee wearing rims with no glasses to close out.  That's all folks.... 

Just kidding.

Right at the beginning, after a few introductions, Jackie got on stage.

He introduced himself.  (sorry for the gif quality, uploading was taking too long)

He met people.

He got bored.

He got stuff.  What's with that lady?  She probably was thinking that certificate was going to be given to her.  GRRRRRRR......

He got more stuff.

He sung (in Mandarin).  Some old guy next to me was saying in Cantonese "This is Chinatown.  He should be speaking Cantonese!"  That camera lady in blue kept blocking my view with her huge butt.

Ok that's enough!

Huh?  There's more?

Take my dvds!

What?  There's more?

Oh, it's for me.  Yes, yes, thank you.

Then Jackie went back into his tent.


This guy did chucks and sung in mandarin.  Later he said he was Korean and some kid nearby was like "WHAT???!!!"

Then he started acting hard.  BOOOO!!!! Put your jacket and shades back on foo!

This girl sung nice.

Martial arts performance...  Showy wushu.  Why is it always wushu?  They need a REAL martial art like Wing Chun.  Like they could've done a 20 minute siu lim tao.  Maybe twenty minutes of standing still brings toomuch excitement.

It's the Shaolin GINYU FORCE!!!!

He should try that with REAL spears next time.

Jade zither, bling bling.

Jack's back!  DOWN IN FRONT!!

Someone threw a rose to Jackie.  He caught it.  Good reflexes.

Yes, I give VIPs more DVDs and souvenirs.  DOWN IN FRONT!  Seriously, this camera lady shouldn't even be onstage.  Least she could do was squat down.

Jackie gives his rose to the emcee.  He's like "what the hell is this?"

More singing.

He was throwing out free stuff but I didn't get any!  I blame the camera lady's butt for blocking my section.  All I got were free fortune cookies from the Chinatown tourism tents.

Jackie then said he had to go back to Beijing for an American film.  Time for another uninspired Hollywood remake!  He took rush hour to a third movie, I'm still waiting for Drunken Master 3.  Anyway, thank you Chinatown LA and Jackie Chan for the concert.  It was good public entertainment and promotion.

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go JC!
over 12 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Hum, so Jackie's going back to Beijing to work on an American movie. :-( I just saw Police Story over the weekend: so what happened to THAT Jackie Chan?
over 12 years ago
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i was up north competing.. man, i wanted to say hi to mr chan!
over 12 years ago
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ginyu ? hahaha
over 12 years ago


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