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Quick Update

Been Pretty busy lately, December is the month for Filmings, Festives and Family.

Just finished filming a short film titled 'My Obituary'. Still filming Feature Film for Wee Lilin titled 'Forever'. Finished one episode of 'My World My Blog' written by Alvin Soe. Rehearsing for next year's Theatre 'To Kill A MockingBird'. Will be filming two student short films, one of it requirs me to act as a Japanese Soldier and now I'm practicing my Japanese actively. And last of all, I'm back into singing! Gonna sing two songs for HMV Grand opening at 313 Somerset this Friday 3pm!

Awaits with excitement for Royston Tan's Short Film 'Anniversary' to be released on Saturday. Have you got your tickets?

I'm heading back to HK to spend some good time with my family. Finally a Family holiday Trip after almost 8 years! Miss them.

Finally, this picture is for Sean Tierney

Good day AnDers!

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Uhhh... Thanks???
over 10 years ago
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good to keep busy
over 10 years ago
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Sad that i have to work on friday. If not can go and see u sing at somerset 313 this friday at 3pm. Good to know that u are busy and finally back to singing again. Hope u will enjoy ur time when u go back HK for family day.
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ganbatte Jae kun
over 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
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