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My Obituary

Following up on Jeszlene's blog. Recently I've done a short film titled 'My Obituary'. Apart from the scenes she posted, there's another other scene which I'd like to share. Shot at the only railway station in Singapore, which is Malaysian Ground.

Any idea why is he tying up his hands with chains?

And covering their faces??

Queuing up for Train ride?

Why do they start walking when there's no train yet??

Oh God! Suicide club!

'Umphhh.. my cheek hurts' said actor Ray Lo.

I kinda liked what I saw. some pics to share.

There's this particular scene which I need to vomit some blood and die.


And Yes! Old School Capitol Theatre, which lies right in the heart of Cityhall (next to Peninsula and opposite St Andrews Catharal) is now preserved and no plans as of now for further development. As a result, its pretty dirty and pest-infested which led to a 4 hours (or more) of cleaning session and sanitizing. I heard there were both alive and dead cockroaches, rats etc lying around with numerous faeces of those creatures on the floor, seats and stage. When I arrived at 2pm, all the cleanings were already done but the place still look so gloomy and dark. I imagined how it would be like in the 80s when Superstars from HongKong and Taiwan held their concerts and big events here.

Producer John addressing the calefares

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i really wanna see this film!
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