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I'll Be in Theatres! Literally!

Yes! Literally!

Theatre 1.

I done a Promotional video for Golden Village Movie Club today. It will be screened on all Golden Village cinemas before the movie you're watching and from what i know it will be available on www.gv.com.sg as well.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures. its dark inside

Here's my female lead

Throughout the shoot, I'm like asked to eat popcorn and imagine watching a comedy, while staring into this:

I made the whole 'cinema' laugh after telling the extras 'imagine you're watching 'The Ring' and Borat start climbing out of the cinema screen.

Theatre 2.

I'll be visiting Sinema tomorrow for the Fish Chaar Special! With reports of it tomorrow night!

Theatre 3.

Lastly, time to promote my first theatric act, The Ah Kua Show. For those who doesn't know what is Ah Kua, it means Transexual. Its nothing like what you're thinking about. Its a storytelling session from a successful business transexual about her life and struggle when she was a boy, in a very humorous, drama and Singaporean way! It will be a one-woman show stand-up comedy with actors/voice talent like myself doing geeky stuffs in the background. Its damn cool trust me!

Do support us! Visit us here now! Show for 8th August is sold out! only 6th and 7th! get ticket at substation on the spot before 8pm. visit our website here too!

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Img 4957
i want popcorn!! i'm hungry.. :(
over 10 years ago
I love your smile Jae. I could look at it all day :)
over 10 years ago
Photo 24273
You look 16.
over 10 years ago
Photo 322961
That is the BIGGEST tub of popcorn i have ever seen!!! SUPER size! lol
over 10 years ago
Dsc 1374
well obviously this so called biggest tub of popcorn is just a prop with no more than 1/5 filled? the bottom are covered up by newspapers! PROPS!!!
over 10 years ago



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