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Artiste Updates

I logged into AnD this afternoon and am pleasantly surprised to see the following combo.

I already knew Kewei and I are on Artiste Update page. Its nice to see Jeszlene Zhou's and Pamelyn Chee's post is up today. And with the arrangement, Almost the entire homepage are filled with Singaporean Artistes. Its really nice to see us Singaporean doing well :)

Wrapping up with the last job I did this year, is a short film directed by Koo Chia Meng titled 'Hot!'.

We filmed at a super sized penthouse located at Leedon Park. Look at the pool!

Another film I've done is portraying as World War II Japanese Soldier Tsuchikane Tominosuke. He is a regular soldier invading Malaya who has lots of humanity in him but forced to kill innocent people. A very challenging role for me with lots of contridicting feelings to express and its the first time I'm speaking japanese on screen. Directed by Liu ShiXiong.

Troublesome garters tying.

The most different job I had done this year is none other than KittyLab.

Some of the events I've attended in this month.

Last but not least, its gonna be Christmas in 3 days and we F4 family will have our annual Christmas Eve gathering at Itsuki's place. We just finished decorating the new Christmas Tree

FYI This was last year's Xmas's pictures

Signing off with my latest pictures. New Hairstyle (?) Yeah doesn't look alot of difference. But I like the highlighted effect of it. haha. Have a happy holiday everyone!

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Photo 80548
You are now Japanese!!
over 10 years ago
Ironically, strand of lights with white cords were designed to be hung OUTSIDE where there is SNOW. Strands of lights with green cords are for using on trees. (yes, useless trivia...)
over 10 years ago
Dsc 1374
Jun: haha for a day! Missscarlett: apparently we realised that too. and the lights are actually not working anymore. the reason we changed tree this year is because the white xmas tree turned yellow but we still tried to recycle the cord
over 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
woah! all singapore!
over 10 years ago
Photo 468194
Cool pics.
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