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A week of Jay Chou, Will Smith, and more...

It's been a busy but exciting week... here's a recap.

Last weekend, I was in Zhuhai, China with my husband and a few friends. It was a short ferry ride away from HK and we spent our time eating, getting a 2-hour massage, partying, and eating some more. Thanks to Shan's suggestion, we ate dinner at "Seafood Street", which is literally a street of seafood restaurants with seafood vendors out front. You buy your own fresh seafood and then take it to your restaurant of choice where you pay them to cook the seafood for you however way you'd like. It was delicious and a good deal.

Last week was also the start of a movie filming which I'm shooting the still photography for.  Can't disclose much about the film or the filming until after it's finished... but as my first time to shoot for a real movie production, I'm finding it to be a really exciting and interesting experience so far in seeing how a movie is filmed, witnessing the behind-the-scenes experiences, and photographing the different scenes. Very cool, indeed! I also got to finally meet Renee Chao after we'd met on AnD a few months ago. She's the Art Director for this movie, and I'm glad we're able to finally meet in person after meeting online and actually have the chance to work together. :)

Peachey was in town for a few days, so on Wednesday, I met up with her for coffee at a nearby shopping mall, where we enjoyed a nice chat and a bit of people-watching. :)

On Thursday, I went to the Jay Chou concert! I first discovered his music two years ago after moving to HK. I really love his music (especially his more R&B/rap-inspired tunes from his earlier albums, but I like his ballads too!) so I was super excited to go to his concert for the first time. I have to say that the concert was good, but our seats weren't so great... they were located right behind the stage, so during most of the concert, we saw mostly his back. Anyways, it was still good to get to see him in concert, he's definitely musically talented, and he sang one of my favorite songs, "Ye Qu" ( Nocturne).

Here are two heavily zoomed-in photos while he graced us with his presence on our side of the stage and where he actually turned towards our direction.

Here's a video clip of him singing "Ju Hua Tai" ("Crysanthemum Flower Bed"), the theme-song for his movie "Curse of the Golden Flower": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HL_Qc7xGg4&feature=user One cool moment was when his special guest, HK singer Andy Hui, joined him on stage and sang one of his songs with him while he played the piano: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57dK4fTXyfs&feature=userOn Friday, I watched the premiere of Will Smith's new movie "I Am Legend". I didn't know what to expect going in, but I ended up really enjoying it. It was so intense, thrilling, and freaky... it kept me on the edge of my seat for the last hour to hour & and half! I was sitting next to my friend Nicole and we were both huddled against each other and clutching each other's hands during the intense, scary scenes. haha! It was also nostalgic for me to see the familiar scenes of NYC, but sad to see them in such a desolate and broken state. Anyhow, go watch it!

Mr. Will Smith himself even came out to Hong Kong to appear at the premiere ceremony before the movie. How awesome is that?![](/attachments/2007/12/33405_200712101616441.thumb.jpg)

After the movie, I managed to catch the Audiotraffic gig in time. Good show, as usual!

With Stephen (hiding behind me), Nani, and Stephen's friend, 小k.

With Lisa and her friend Gii.

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add some tags! :-D i saw the will smith stuff on video, it looked like fun.
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oh........very fruitful week......nice......
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Stephen - How about 'mysteriously silly'? haha
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