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thank goodness my old blog entries have been archived recently before v.2

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This old thing

Let's get nostalgic.   This was originally posted some time over 1 1/2 years ago at the original AnD site. Then I re-posted it here on 13-April when this new place launched.

Since this AnD has built-up in users, I think it should be re-posted a third time. Because I do realize that nobody's gonna go back to read any of my old blogs and it would be a shame if this thing didn't get some exposure...bring a smile to some current members' faces...or a smirk, that's fine too.

There's this fine specimen of a...Read more

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Texas food

My quest in Dallas in terms of food was getting an adequate amount of daily vegetables. I'm serious. Since good Chinese food everyday wasn't an option, the overwhelming task of getting my hands on some good, cooked vegetables was no easy matter. I wanted to maintain a healthy diet as my days of eating with reckless abandon when I'm traveling is behind me.

The first night I dined at a Japanese restaurant calledThe Blue Fish. It's a family-owned establishment with...Read more

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A little about ice skating

I attended the 2008 Southwestern US Figure Skating Regional Championships last week in Dallas, or more specifically, in a city called Grapevine, Texas. There are actually 9 regionals taking place in October and November. This amateur skating competition featured many fresh faces and possible future National, World or Olympic competitors.

The purpose of the regional qualifying competitions is to qualify skaters to sectionals and the U.S. Junior Championships. I'll spare you the minutiae of the amateur skating world, exce...Read more

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Bush land

I've been in Irving, Texas all this week. Doing some business with my sis out here. Pretty uneventful for the most part unless you count these....

Spent well over 30 minutes trying to get out of the Dallas-Fort Worth international airport grounds. This airport is enormous, gigantic, expansive... Just cutting through it takes over 20 minutes. I'd compare it to 2x, to possibly 3x, the length of San Francisco.

We weren't traveling with a map as one was not provided with the rental car (like it should be) and all I had to na...Read more

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Hong Kong by way of Tokyo

One autumn day, I flew to Tokyo to join Mr. Peachey where he was on a business trip. While he was thus occupied with important matters of commerce, I was left to my own devices. This was my first visit to Tokyo.

I stayed at a very nice hotel near the Takanawa subway station. I joined a half-day tour that I very nearly missed that commenced from a neighboring hotel. This bus brought us around Tokyo with stops to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and the Meiji Jungi shrine and a final stop in the Ginza shopping district.

Read more

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Pretty ears

I remember vividly having my ears pierced when I was a little girl.

I don't recall whining or bugging my mother incessantly to get them pierced. I'm sure I may have mentioned it to her a couple of times though.

Mother finally agreed only after learning that my cousin, one year older than I, had her ears pierced. That was the thing with mom - she'd only agree to certain things that I desired if my cousin had already obtained permission or had done it. And often I used that as my strategy.

We went to The Emporiu...Read more

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Lisa gets mad

At the risk of being regarded as a star-crazed, nut-fan with ovaries, I thought this would entertain you, my devoted readers, which is the reason for my sharing.I assure you that I have no obsession forthe man who showed up in my dream the other night.

In this dream, Lisa is staying over at my home because of a work assignment in my area.Daniel is her regular visitor and sometimes spends the night or day.One morning she's not home. Dan's sleeping and for some reason I'm lying nearby as if in the same room. When I get up to l...Read more

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The man from Suzhou

Another experience from my travels in China last year.

In the major cities, we had local tour guides to give us a flavor of the city in which we were visiting. In Nanjing, we had this nice young fellow with a deep voice who spoke Cantonese. He told some interesting stories while we traipsed the city's sights. I couldn't understand him most of the time nor was I paying attention but judging from my tour-mates' reactions, he seemed to entertain well as a tour guide.

When we hit Suzhou, we were met by a tour guide...Read more

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More math?

What's with all these dreams about math?

Last night I had a good night's sleep. Didn't wake up once. Had numerous dreams bc I suppose I had reached REM.

The one dream that stands out most is where I'm comparing the scores of a math test I took along with 3 or 4 other people, one of whom reminds me of a girl who helped me out a lot during junior high. They all got pretty low scores even while being considered the brainy group.

I got my test back and for a moment I felt confident that I hadn't scored that...Read more

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