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So I went to Macau today and all was boding well; despite the fact that I lost some cash playing at the new Craps table it was A OK. Anyways, I'm on the boat, coming home and by the time I reached customs, I went for my wallet and it was GONE. Long story short, I had my wallet all the way to where the escalators were at and I can safely assume that it was taken out of my back pocket then.

SO NOT COOL. The crime feels so personal.... shudder....

Maybe I should have lost more money so that when the guy took it the prize wouldn't have been so YAY.

Man I feel like a moron.... it's like I fell for that trick where someone goes "LOOK OVER THERE!" and procedes to take a bit out of your burger or something....

And it was a present from my girl when we went to Japan~~

So if you guys see anyone with a Bright Green Wallet with an Alligator Print + the words "Bad Mutha Fucka" on it + money clip inside.... Well - that's the thief - cause there's only one of those wallets in the world.

I guess HK isn't so safe anymore.... time to go into my closet and take out my costume cause it'stime to protect the streets.

http://people.howstuffworks.com/pickpocket.htm - hints on how to protect yo'self...

Le Sigh + Peace

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hope u're ok love.
almost 16 years ago
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Bro??? SEriouslY?? WTF???
almost 16 years ago
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sucks dude ....... feel sorry for ur violation ...
almost 16 years ago
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almost 16 years ago
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dang, that sux. sorry that happened. the worst is losing the things that are irreplaceable.
almost 16 years ago
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doh! suprising that they'd do it in a 'controlled' area like that... always good to be vigilant! you'll never let it happen again i'm sure!
almost 16 years ago


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