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New Galleri Website

Check out the awesome new Galleri website that just went live over at www.galleri.hk thanks to Stephen Wang, Patrick Lee and the rest of the ever-supportive Alive Not Dead crew.

The new site is loaded with new features, links to all previous artists and websites, event pictures, direct links to the blog and forums plus all the info you need to get involved or contribute. And of course you can now view all past issues with a very cunning new online PDF viewer.

Brilliant work as usual from the Alive Not Dead possee... And a special thanks to Stephen for putting up with my spectacular lack of technical knowledge and for making the new Galleri site more than I ever hoped for..


Jay FC

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Good job on the site - some clever code in there - copy *cough* paste to my own :) Online viewer is also great - just had a flick through, mag looks brilliant as usual.
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That's awesome!
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Haha, you can so tell AnD moderators worked on the site. Everything's in the same format.
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
thanks for all the support!!! =)
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