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Managing DJ party at Armani Bar

Sorry about the lack of blogging entries I have, its just been too crazy at work lately. Anyway, now I'm here and I am going to start blogging more regularly.  :)

Something exciting is coming up at work as I've just been given a chance to manage a DJ party at Armani Bar from comcept to production^^. Its my first major project of this scale, so I'm quite anxious but overall optimistic. At the moment I'm just brainstorming for theme ideas so if anyone has any, feel free to contact me, hehe. I'll keep you guys up to date with soon to be regular blog entries.

Apart from regular work, I've also began to get involved with various 3D projects with some friends, such as Monkey Gun, a short film that was written, directed and produced by Arne Venema with actors Mike Chan and Joe Fiorello. Check out their blogs to get a little taste of the film :)

Also starting a freelance 3D design job for a game with some of my friends back in the UK, can't really say too much about it now but its gonna be exciting! More details will be available when the time is right ;)  

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Idea... "Big Trouble in Little China" themed party. Anyone who dresses like a character gets free drinks. Anyone who can produce blinding light from his mouth and eyes gets the girl with the green eyes. Hehe
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Armani Bar party was off the hook. Good call on the Roman theme. ; )
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^^ Thanks joe joe, will put up the pictures soon, just soo busy these days...
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