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Video:http:// This has been up for a while, but thought I would share it for anyone who hasn't seen it ^^ and to actually write something on my blog

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Hey party ppl!!!

Gear up your Bling on the 22nd because the theme for this month is STREET!

Graffiti, Chains, breakdance battles, UV pens for guests to draw their own graffiti on the bar walls...Endless fun, come and join us!!

Dress Code: Hip Hop, Casual

$120 (in advance)

$150 (At door)

Includes one standard drink


Where: Armani / Bar HK

Address: 2/F Armani/Chater House, 11 Chater Road, Central


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Managing DJ party at Armani Bar

Sorry about the lack of blogging entries I have, its just been too crazy at work lately. Anyway, now I'm here and I am going to start blogging more regularly.  :)

Something exciting is coming up at work as I've just been given a chance to manage a DJ party at Armani Bar from comcept to production^^. Its my first major project of this scale, so I'm quite anxious but overall optimistic. At the moment I'm just brainstorming for theme ideas so if anyone has any, feel free to contact me, hehe. I'll keep you guys up to date with soon to be regular blog entries.

Apart from regular work, I've also began to get involved with various 3D projects with some friends, such as Monkey Gun, a short film that was written, directed and produced by Arne Venema with actors Mike Chan and Joe Fiorello. Check out their blogs to get a little taste of the film :)

Also starting a freelance 3D design job for a game with some of my friends back in the UK, can't really say too much about it now but its gonna be exciting! More details will be available when the time is right ;)  

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Armani Bar (Bunny Party)

This is a little 2D Promo design I did for the bunny party by Armani Bar. I wanted to create something slightly different so I used glowing outlines for the female figures.

You would not believe how long it took me to stick these on, never a fan of spray adhesives...

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Typical Sunday for Michael Wong

A typical sunday for Michael Wong...

It was an interesting afternoon, with Michael Wong having to work on Sunday because of the show, I had the opportunity to fly with Michael Wong to help out and as you can see, I was pretty excited^^


The flight was pretty fun, definately different to a normal plane as it is not as stable and the turbulence hit you a lot stronger. I got to see a lot of HK, which was absolutely beautiful with its moutains, beach, buildings scattered all around. I also love wearing the headphones, it was quite comfortable and it allows you to hear each other clearly.

As It was quite warm, a bikini became the natural choice for that particular situation. We also took a lunch break, which is always nice. After his work, we just chilled whilst enjoying the scenary.


This experience definately converted me into like working on Sundays, so thanks Michael.  

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Never really know what to write on the first blog entry, so think I will start by sharing a little greeting link with all you guys, hope you like it XD Its a cute little tiger animation, hehe.

(I do know Chinese New Year has already past, but lets pretend thats not on there...)  :P

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