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Tokyo = Awe$ome

I've only been in Tokyo for 3 days so far and I'm livin' & lovin' it to the MAXimum!!!

Here's the first thing I did!....

Haahahahaha!!! I was told to go drink an ice cold Kirin draft beer... It was magic..   So much better than the bottled stuff we get back home.

3 days and I've almost emptied my bank account!!! 4 days to go wooohooo!

Here's what I've bought so far!!!  Most of the above are necessities!! (seriously... I swear)

Ok... maybe 25% necessary...

So we have... Black T's, boxers, 2 guitar effect pedals, a smaller effects hardcase for Josie shows, 2 pairs of trainers and yes that big thing is a guitar... I couldn't stop playing it and its vintage.. 1984 yamaha made in Japan... Very nice to play and sounds very very sweeeeeet!!!

If i had serious amounts of cash... I could easily come home with 10 guitars!!!

OK I gotta chill from my shopping high....


I will blog loads more when I'm back about my WHOLE trip... which includes trouble at the airport!!!

Peace out!!!

THANKS to Mr Ryan Hui for giving me the address of the Guitar shops.. It's Heaven and Hell!!!

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they have gotten really anal at the airports now... (before was bad, now its worse!) i got patted down two trips ago...
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23833
nice pics!! i think its your PURE sexiness that caused the "patted down" Mr. Etchy, but there is only one of you, sigh...NOT fair..
almost 16 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
Glad to see that you're enjoying yourself out there. It's awesome but torture seeing so many guitars in Ochanamizu. Enjoy!
almost 16 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
That is one good shopping!!
almost 16 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Beeeeeerrrr and guitarrrrrsss!!!!! Paradise.
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