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Movies: Ping Pong Playa + Finishing the Game

I never saw Finishing the Game when it was in theaters.  I really wanted to, really I did!  When it left theaters, I felt incredibly guilty for not having supported the film, so when it came out on DVD, I grabbed a copy.

Loved this film!  Great cast, good humor.  Now I'm pissed I didn't see it in theaters because I think it would have been a really fun film to see in room packed with other people.  Better late than never, huh?

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Linked In

With my December graduation date looming over me, I decided to join Linked In.

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Anybody looking to hire a freshly graduated motion graphic designer in the near future?

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The email that has haunted me for 10 years

Way back in 1998, I was working my first job at the Asian American Journalists Association. That year was the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

One day, our office was notified that the MSNBC website reported the women's figure skating results with this headline:

"American beats out Kwan"

This was in reference to Tara Lipinski beating Michelle Kwan. Obviously, this was a somewhat misleading and offensive headline since both were Americans.  The not-so-subtle implication was that...Read more

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Motion 08: Motion Awards!

Today has been filled with exciting news!

Our school routinely submits student work to various competitions.  This is how my submission to the Webby-in-Motion got to be selected earlier this year.

It turns out that 11 student submissions from our school were selected as finalists in the Read more

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Creative Inspiration: Nagi Noda

earlier this year, i came across this amazing Coca-Cola commercial.  i don't remember seeing it broadcast on television, but i thought it was genius!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKGw_KYH63k

a cute story with really nice art direction PLUS (what i thought) was an incredibly original visual storytelling technique.  i had to watch it s...Read more

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birthday, burningman, blogs

i just realized that last "blog" entry was a bit of a cop out and said very little about my life or the world around me.

the birthday party at Shine two weeks ago was a blast!  so many friends under one roof. it's very rare to have old college classmates, former coworkers, wushu friends, current college classmates and raver buddies partying together. there were friends i've known for nearly 13 years and others i've only known a few months.  Eunice, the queen of homemade custom birthday cakes, made a b...Read more

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Samurai Girl? GAG

no, i haven't watched this.  yes, i've only spent about 15 minutes reading a few articles and interviews about it.

still, something about this makes me gag.


and this review just isn't doing it for me:

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Music Help - Asian American/Asian band?

i need help finding a song for a project.  i'm looking for something that sounds whimsical and friendly.  possibly that reminds you of birds flying.  acoustic preferred, but not neccessary.

also, it would be nice if the artist/band is either Asian American or Asian.  San Francisco roots/connection a huge plus.

nothing too poppy and nothing too heavy.  few if any vocals.

i know this is pretty vague, but it's for a piece for an Asian American film festival and the animation will have flyin...Read more

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Bam's Birthday Blowout - San Francisco

for those of you in San Francisco, you're invited to a little birthday party!  (the party is little, my age is not)

Saturday, August 23rd

Shine 1337 Mission Street @ 9th 9pm-2am

Free before midnight w...Read more

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Creative Inspiration: Jamie Caliri

We are surrounded by motion graphics daily and there are those pieces that really catch my eye.  Recently, you may have seen United Airlines new television ads.  One in particular always makes me stop and watch.

It's called "Heart" and is directed by Jamie Caliri.  Motionographer.com recently posted the ad online here:

"Hea...Read more

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This is Brandon / Bam, a motion graphic designer / DJ now based in Brooklyn via San Francisco. Check out my portfolio at: www.invibe.com

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