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Last class

just finished my last class at school.  last final exam done.  last project turned in.

last class with my classmates.  

i'm kind of sad to see this chapter in my life end.  it's been an incredible learning experience.

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The BIG news for Brandon

I start a paid internship at Gunshopstarting on Monday and I'm thrilled.

If I had to name the top 5 motion graphics houses in the bay area that I'd want to work for (based on their work), they are definitely one of them.

I still have one class to attend on Tuesday and my graduation ceremony on the 19th, but I'm going to dive right into the internship and get my hands dirty. Now, the real work begins!

Gunshop's 2008 reel:

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HK's Ricky Stone coming to SF

i was surprised to see the Ricky Stone is coming through San Francisco.  pretty rare that any DJ from Asia swings through town.


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Beijing Film Festival?

Has anyone heard of the Beijing Film Festival?

I just saw it referenced in a online post about a film competition.  Here's what the post said:

The Beijing Film Festival is hosting a competition for filmmakers to complete a 42 second short film on the subject of dreams that will be heavily promoted online and at the festival.

But I can't seem to find a website for this?  Does anyone know?

*haha, nevermind.  just found it.

http://www...Read more

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Creative Inspiration: United Airlines "Sea Orchestra"

by now you probably think i'm a fiend for United Airlines, but here's another amazing piece.

you may have seen this one:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv75cWzXK6w

but here's an incredibly revealing behind the scenes video of the creative process for the piece.  they walk you through the entire process from reference images, stylesheets, animatics, test shots, etc.

i think...Read more

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Changing my profile settings - goodbye wushu

I'm no longer listing "Martial Arts" as one of my occupations.

I switched it to "Animation/Special Effects."

I think this is much more fittings seeing as how I'm about to enter the working world (hopefully!) as a Motion Graphic Designer.

Wushu and taiji is playing a smaller and smaller role in my life nowadays.

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Creative Inspiration: The Mill

I know it sounds kind of silly, but when I see beautifully executed motion graphics and visual effects, it actually evokes a kind of emotional response.  Part wonder, part awe...and a little bit of jealousy (why can't i do that?)

Here's a sampler of some of the best work created by The Mill:


It's not just that the work is beautiful, but the conce...Read more

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backwards, apparently.

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Reel version 1.0

in case you didn't click the link before, here's the first edit of my demo reel:

                    Reel 2008 - version 1 from Brandon Sugiyama on Vimeo.

i've gotten some really good critiques of the reel and will be editing and adding to it in the coming weeks.  i'm sure it's going t...Read more

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Creative Inspiration: Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Today on campus, we had a guest speaker from a local design company.  His name is Brad Soderlund and his company is called 168 Design Group.

In his presentation, he referred to Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.  I thought it was interesting enough to rep...Read more

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This is Brandon / Bam, a motion graphic designer / DJ now based in Brooklyn via San Francisco. Check out my portfolio at: www.invibe.com

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