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sometimes a school project is made more fun by injecting some silly nostalgia into it:

                    Text Animation Project - Supersonic from Brandon Sugiyama on Vimeo.

Short text based animation for a class project. Heavily inspired by

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Ko Fai / Fat Face Production Limited

Dear AND:

I need your help!  For my class assignment, I have to do a "report" on a designer/studio who created the opening titles for a movie.

I'm considering doing the report on "The Heavenly Kings" title sequence designer.  From what I can gather from the DVD, the animation was done by Ko Fai and/or Fat Face Production Limited.

I'm specifically trying to find information on the designer/studio who did the animated sequence during the movie titles for the "The Heav...Read more

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3D Mograph

this term, we're continuing to use Cinema 4D for our 3D work, but we're using it in a completely different way.  to be honest, if feels like we're using a totally different piece of software!

the reason being that we're focussing on the Mograph module, which is kind of like an add-on plugin that is specifically for motion graphics.

i've been playing around with stuff that is much more experimental and abstract.  i have to say...it's more fun than Read more

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rushing a design

i've known that i had a flyer design due this week, but with the holiday weekend and school projects i completely forgot that the flyer had to go to print today....and i realized that last night at 10pm.


the original plan was to base it on the same flyer that we've used for the past two years.  it's a 4th of July party at club Mighty here in SF.  in fact, the past two years have basically been the same Read more

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Some good news

A couple blogs back I shared my submission for The Webby-in-Motion competition.

The good news is The Webby's selected it as a finalist and the piece will be shown during the awards show in New York!  I'm also receiving the Master Collection CS3 from Adobe...which is basically every single piece of Adobe software in one bundle!

The only caveat is that I designed and submitted it for the "living" category, but they wanted to use it for the "services" category.  So I had to reshoot some green screen foo...Read more

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the third dimension: part deux

though i technically have a test tomorrow, the vast majority of my work for this school term is over. two of what seemed like massively overwhelming final projects have sucked the last drop of brain juice from my cranium and have wreaked havoc with my sleep schedule.

but it's done and i'm satisfied with how things came out. really proud of my classmates during our final presentations today. everyone pulled out some really impressive work. not bad for our first foray into the world of 3D and working with a new p...Read more

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Video: Webby-in-Motion submission

Just finished this:

                Webby-in-Motion submission from Brandon Sugiyama on Vimeo.

It's a final project for another class, as well as a submission to the Adobe sponsored Webby-in-Motion competition.

Music by Read more

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Live DJ Mix - summer means day parties!!

we've been lucky enough to have some hints of summer weather here in San Francisco and that means....day parties!

there's nothing like a sunny day in Golden Gate park with  your friends and good beats.  last weekend was the season opener for Acid Totem's Biorhythm series.  every last sunday of the month during summer and free at that!  they invited me out along with Audiovoid and Evinrude to kick things off along with their resident DJs.  i had a...Read more

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Some 3D Modeling from class

have almost finished this 3D model for a class project.

it's a Pioneer CDJ-1000 MKII.  for the non-DJs, this plays CDs but with all the manual control of a traditional vinyl turnatable, plus a bevy of digital effects.  for a higher res look, click here.

here's what a real one looks like:<...Read more

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Da Shatner Funk

in lieu of blogging about my mundane, daily life...may i share a classic Youtube find starring the one and only William Shatner:

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zLpLU7D7MWk

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This is Brandon / Bam, a motion graphic designer / DJ now based in Brooklyn via San Francisco. Check out my portfolio at: www.invibe.com

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