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EB5 - our five year anniversary

strange to think that our little DJ crew has been around for five years now.  we've racked up a pretty long list of parties we've thrown and i'm proud to say we've brought out an impressive roster of talent from all over the world.

for our five year anniversary, we're going big with a pretty huge lineup and we're doing it at Mezzanine (one of my favorite large venues in SF).

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Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe

Just caught this movie last night at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S1x4tQ16W0 If you're a fan of Choe's work (and even if you're not), the documentary is worth seeing.

Don't know who David Choe is?  You've most likely seen his work before.

Check out his website here.

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Cut & Paste Digital Design Competition - San Francisco

What an event!  I have to say, this is the first time I've ever been to an event where graphic design was considered cool.  Huge stage, gigantic projections screens, bangin' music and a packed house of hundreds (probably nearly 1000) people.

Poster, competitor badge, program guide and competitor card:

Closeups of the program:

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Rotten Tomatoes TV show?

um, guys?

article in SFGate.  also, check the photo.



There's a peek at the future of arts criticism - and of the media landscape - in "The Rotten Tomatoes Show," a new 30-minute program produced by San Francisco-based, Al Gore-led CurrentTV that premieres at 10:30 tonight.

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what i write about myself

when i get home from work at 10pm and i'm completely drained...this is what i wrote for my competitor bio for Cut & Paste:


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Creative Inpiration: Panda Panther

a really fun chinese new year themed ad for Asics:



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Cut & Paste: Digital Design Tournament


Today I got an email saying that I was selected to compete in this year's Cut & Paste competition!

Cut & Paste is a digital design tournament and this year is the first time they are including motion graphic design into the event.

After an application process and one round of interviews/portfolio review, only 4 competitors were selected in San Francisco for motion graphics.

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Happy New Year!

Like many of you, I've just been too busy to blog.  I've finally got a Saturday morning where I can leisurely sit at my computer with a cup of coffee and have a moment to relax.

Lots of things have happened since my last entry.  Immediately after graduation, work picked up and my life became consumed by a couple major projects.  I worked late every night, including two weekends in a row.  I did get Christmas day and New Year's day off, but other than that it was work, work, work.

It was definitely a challenging pro...Read more

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Graduated last night!  Gold cord is for graduating with honors.  Also, was selected as valedictorian of our class...which meant I had to give a little speech.

Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Aunt came up from Southern California to attend.  Some friends made it out as well.

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Tonight: Apple Store SF + Live 105 Not So Silent Night

today at the Apple store, several students from Ex'pression College will be presenting their work. this will take place at the SF store near Union Square in the theater on the second floor from 6-8pm. as long as work allows (fingers crossed), i'll be there showing my demo reel. if you're in downtown SF, come on by!

also, i was contacted through my school to create a short animation for Live 105s Not So Silent Night. it's a series of sponsor logos that will be shown during the ban...Read more

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This is Brandon / Bam, a motion graphic designer / DJ now based in Brooklyn via San Francisco. Check out my portfolio at: www.invibe.com

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