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can't upload photos to AnD?

anyone else having problems uploading photos to AnD?  haven't been able to add photos to my current albums here for a couple weeks now.

running Mac OS 10.4 using Firefox.


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3D modeling

just started a 3D modeling class here at school.  we're using Cinema 4D.

this was one of the first things i modeled in lab.  clearly, it's Friday.

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a couple panoramic shots from Hong Kong



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another class project

here's a 40 second motion graphic piece from last term.  this was a group project for a real client, a "comedy magician."

yes, i realize it uses the same song as one of my previous pieces.  we couldn't decide on what song to use and we can't use copywritten music (this is my friend's song, so all good).

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cKn3U0bDqc0

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N.E.R.D. at World Wide BAPE - Hong Kong

video of N.E.R.D. performing Rockstar @ HK Coliseum:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2blOjEFNo0

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art 'n stuff

so far, i've spent most of my days in HK wandering around the city.  it's one of my favorite things to do when traveling: head out in one general direction and pick a path at random.  i love ending up off the beaten path and seeing the people and places.  the streets, alleys and walkways that intersect the city are endless.  the only downside is that my feet are killing me.

my first day, i checked out the Museum of Art.  unfortunately, i just missed a contemporary exhibit that ended a few days before i arrived.  the rest of t...Read more

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in the myx

a couple things on the design front, i got the good news that MYX.tv is going to broadcast my interstitial that i originally made as a class project!  MYX.tv is a music channel based in the Philippines.  the piece is also featured on their website.

the same piece was also selected for a "Best After Effects Work" on Vimeo.  it's definitely not the greatest th...Read more

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whirlwind weekend

the anniversary bash was amazing!  the place was packed, the vibe was kicking and the music was incredible.  it was the first time in a very, very long time that a breakdance circle has erupted while i'm playing and i was grinning ear to ear.  the taco truck outside was a big hit!  nothing like a couple carne asada tacos to help sober up at 3am.  couldn't have asked for a better anniversary party.  i was beaming the entire ride home.

got to the wushu tournament late around 2:30pm.  immediately ran into friends and felt relie...Read more

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a busy week

finished another term of school (video forthcoming), have a huge event this Friday night, wushu tournament to attend (not competing, nor judging) on Saturday and then on Monday...off to Hong Kong!

Friday is our DJ crew's 4th anniversary party.  can't believe we've been doing it this long!  i'm putting together a video slideshow of photos from most of our past parties and its brought back so many good memories!  i wrote a completely sappy blog on my Tribe page for my DJ/club/party/rave friends.  i'll spare you that touc...Read more

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more Vimeo vs. Youtube

putting up an older Flash piece on Vimeo:


            A3M Public Service Announcement from Brandon Sugiyama on Vimeo

could be the compression from my original MOV files, but i think Vimeo's quality is better than Youtube.  what do you think?

Youtube: Read more

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This is Brandon / Bam, a motion graphic designer / DJ now based in Brooklyn via San Francisco. Check out my portfolio at: www.invibe.com

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