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  • Taiwan’s Spokesman for Yamaha 2014年度樂器代言

    Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 10:13AM / Standard Entry

     photo yamaha_zpsaf5a6f8f.jpg
    Today I officially become Taiwan’s spokesman for Yamaha instruments. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this blessed opportunity. Ever since my college days I’ve been saving up for musical instruments and now as an adult I get the chance to be sponsored by an amazing company such as Yamaha. At last month’s press conference they presented me with a plaque as well as the new CP 40 Stage Piano and Acoustic Guitar L Series. You can be sure I’ll be featuring them in future YouTube videos.


     photo yamahasigning_zps21d0e9f3.jpg
    This was a rare moment during the press conference where I held it together and didn’t cry. There was no way I was going to let that happen while the President of Yamaha handed me the plaque on stage, lol.



  • From ‘American Me’ to ‘Hello’ Taiwan

    Monday, Mar 17, 2014 6:21PM / Standard Entry

    From ‘American Me’ to ‘Hello’ Taiwan
    A slightly modified version of this post appeared previously on Bicoastal Bitchin as ‘Hello Taiwan’.
     photo 0_americanme_zps87452b1f.jpg 
     photo 4F60597Dalbumcover_zpsbc8ccb05.png

    Hello! Dawen here, blogging from thousands of feet up in the air, somewhere across the Pacific.  I can’t even begin to describe how it feels to be returning home to the States after being away for nearly two years. On Thursday I’ll be joining Canadian singer-songwriter Wanting in Los Angeles, opening for the West Coast leg of her Say The Words Tour. We’ll continue to San Francisco by tour bus, before hitting up Portland and finishing in Seattle.

    So how on earth did I get here?  It seems so unreal to me sometimes when I think about it. The short end of it: About three years ago, famed Taiwanese music producer Adia saw my cover of Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are (produced by my brother George Wang) on YouTube and passed it along to Universal Music Taiwan. The year was 2011 and Universal Music contacted me through YouTube to ask about my musical background. You can imagine how skeptical I was when I first received a short message like that, a message sent through YouTube from someone claiming to be Universal. I thought it was a joke, initially. I soon realized, however, that the inquiry was legitimate, and after extensive video chats and a trip to Taipei, I signed with Universal Music Taiwan in 2012.

     photo 3_UniversalTaiwan_zps25073d59.jpg

    Upon arriving in Taipei, the first thing I did was enroll in Chinese language class. Although I considered myself already bilingual, I quickly realized that my vocabulary in conversation was seriously lacking. Furthermore, if my goal was to someday write lyrics as well as music in Chinese, I would have to improve my speaking and writing comprehension. I went to school for 6 months, all the while, trying to expand my fluency.  The following year was a series of personal and cultural developments that culminated in my debut Mandarin album “Hello” (Nihao) on Christmas Eve of last year.

    Hello” is distinctly different from my indie album ‘American Me’. Nine of the album’s ten songs were written after moving to Taiwan and are in Mandarin. Writing in Mandarin also meant that I had to completely reconsider how I thin k about melody and how it relates to culture. At first I would write in English and translate it to Chinese but often times the result wasn’t very good so I abandoned that method very early on. Which is to say that just because something sounds good in English, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will sound good in another language. The title track ‘Hello’ was the first time I ever tried writing completely in Chinese and you can hear it in how rudimentary and direct the lyrics are J. Musically, “Hello” features more acoustic Pop, in contrast to the R&B /Soul of ‘American Me’.  ‘Hello’ is not a complete 180 though, in terms of style. ‘Acid Rain’ features a groove that is very much in the vein of ‘American Me’ and my song, ‘Shoes’ (the only English language track on the album) that I wrote for Kollaboration Acoustic 4 back in 2010, was finally recorded and points to my earlier jazz influenced piano style.

    * * *
    There are currently three hours left to this flight and I’ve just realized that I’ve been rambling. (My bad). My eyes are beginning to glaze looking at this screen. I must also confess that in addition to writing this post, I watched Frozen and The Hobbit in succession. But before I turn off my laptop for some shuteye I do want to acknowledge how important the Asian American community has been to me and how grateful I am to each and every one of you who have supported me from all the beginning. A particular shout out goes to the blogosphere: AngryAsianMan, Bicoastal Bitchin’, Hyphen, 8Asians, A-Tunes, not to mention my fam at TaiwaneseAmerican.org, Kollaboration and TNP!! I love you guys and can’t wait to see you all. “Hello” is out on iTunes and Spotify, so give it a listen when you get the chance. The other person I want to acknowledge is my older brother George. In addition to knowing me for as long as I’ve been alive, Geh has been my best friend and number one supporter, as well witness to all the past highs and lows. It’s safe to say that if he didn’t light that fire under my ass I would not be on this flight coming home today.

    The flight attendants are now handing out breakfast so I gotta go! Can’t wait to land at LAX, meet my brother, smother Sweet Pea the dog, and take my shoes off when I get in the door.

     photo 5_Dog_zps9a0cd674.jpg

     photo 6_Shoes_zps4378b2f2.jpg



  • 1 week till I go on tour!!! 巡迴再一個禮拜就開始了!

    Sunday, Mar 9, 2014 3:00AM / Standard Entry

     photo Dawen1_zps9d0e2fef.jpg

    I’m headed to LA, House of Blues (!) in one week to join Wanting 曲婉婷 on tour up the American West Coast!! Very, very, excited. LA, SF, Portland and Seattle. It’s going to be incredible to come back to the States (it’s been over a year!)

    Thanks to HypnoticAsia for the feature! Read it here!

    感謝網站HypnoticAsia! 謝謝你們的支持幫我宣傳我的訊息!


  • my Yahoo commercial 我的Yahoo廣告

    Saturday, Mar 8, 2014 3:40AM / Standard Entry

    雖然我只出現3秒我還是花了整天排片,哈哈,這滿正常的。編曲也是我的。我改變了我專輯的「鞭炮」。如果你們專心聽就可以聽出來我把歌詞換成:「想讓幸福在每一個角落圍繞,更好!嗚嗚嗚, Better!」Better 就是「更好」的意思。

    This is the new Yahoo commercial I appear in! It celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Yahoo Online Store. Even though I only appear in 3 seconds of it, I was there for a whole day, haha. That’s pretty common for film shoots. The model actress Ann was really cool, me being such a noob when it comes to commercials.  I composed the music for this spot as well, modifying my own song ‘Firecracker’ and adding the word “better” to the chorus.

    Here’s more pics from the shoot and a great interview as well. 我們那天有多拍幾張照片,還有我的訪問http://bit.ly/dawenyahoo


    Some of you have been asking to see the first commercial I ever wrote music for. This was back in 2012 when I did the music for this Kanebo commercial starring legend Jody Chiang. The musical style was Classical and I used Mozart as a reference.


  • 9th KKBOX Awards 第九屆KKBOX頒獎典禮

    Saturday, Mar 8, 2014 3:06AM / Standard Entry

     photo 800_ch825_kkboxdigitalmusic_zpsdd443442.jpg

    我第一次在台北小巨蛋表演太奇妙了。我現在才能夠喘口氣把一些感覺寫下來。好多人問我我有沒有緊張。講實話,我有欸,但不是因為觀眾的關係。我緊張因為這麼大的場地我得需要戴耳帽 (ear monitors)聽聲音表演。好多細節給我一個新的感覺,新的經驗。我戴耳帽就聽不見現場的聲音,但讓我最剛動的是歌迷的尖叫大到一個程度我後來雖然戴耳帽還是可以聽到大叫的熱情鼓勵跟支持。我永遠不會忘記那個感覺。

    So it’s been so crazy I haven’t really had a chance to sit back and reflect on my performance at the 9th Annual KKBox Awards on Feb 22nd. I sang Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit and Tie’ and my own ‘Beautiful’. It was my first time performing in front of 15,000 people and I will never forget that moment. A lot of people asked me if I was nervous, and truthfully, I was, but not because of the crowd. It was my first time wearing ear monitors and being in a huge arena like that, I was overwhelmed by all the logistics that come with a huge awards show. When I put on my ear monitors, I couldn’t hear anything else. Having said that though, when I did take the stage and finally sing I was aware of this crazy energy coming from the crowd. The shouts and cheers of my supporters were able to pierce through the vacuum of my ear monitors and that is a feeling I will never forget.


    The media asked me later how I felt I did. Taiwanese reporters love asking performers this question. I answered honestly: No performance of mine in my opinion, is ever perfect and mine certainly wasn’t that night. However, I had one goal and that was to enjoy my time on stage, to savor the moment of performing at the Taipei Arena for the first time. Going off that, I felt like I succeeded. Of course, I hope I improve in future performances. This was one of the most thrilling moments I’ve ever had in a live performance: “Stop!”

     photo kkboxperf_zps28fa71ce.jpg



    Huge thanks to KKBox for inviting me to perform as a newcomer, to my label Universal, and to my fanclub! Also big ups to the amazing Gideon Su for helping me get my arrangement in order! We had barely any time to put it together! What an auspicious year it’s turning out to be and I do have to thank God for the tremendous opportunities I’ve had already!

    還沒講完!我那天就認識了好多歌手!!我在後台遇到了A-Lin, 還有蘇打綠的青峰!我還看到林俊傑經過我旁邊,我好興奮!!我也跟日本的Perfume拍照!頒獎典禮這種活動好人腦,好瘋狂。我老闆說是像來到廟去拜拜的樣子。
    Award shows are crazy affairs. I met many amazing musicians that I look up to. A-Lin, Sodagreen, just to name a few. I saw JJLin brush past and it felt surreal. The girl group Perfume was there all the way from Japan and they were lovely.

    Oh, also a shoutout to Diana Wang! She was the other newcomer for the evening. We were the two “Wangs” of the night. It was her first time performing at the Arena as well.

    Can’t wait for all the other amazing events coming up! Going on tour in two weeks! Thank you everyone for your crazy support and love!

    Dawen 大文



  • Debut album "American Me" available on iTunes and amazon.com now!...


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