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yet another ‘Call Me Maybe’ cover …有空打來吧!

So it’s 8am here in Taipei and I haven’t slept all night.

Going to church in an hour but I thought I’d put up a video. It’s been ages since the last one. Hope you guys like it! There’s been so much news recently and I’ve been horrible at keeping up my own site. Apologies on my end. I’m determined to do a better job in sharing with you all the crazy news. There’s so much that it’s backpiling up. Thanks as always for putting up with these shenanigans.

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My PSA with George Takei!

Check out my PSA with George Takei! As part of Asian American Heritage Month, the Remembrance Project highlights the stories of Japanese Americans who were sent to interment camps during WWII.

Now I’m not Japanese American, (I’m of Chinese and Taiwanese descent) but I strongly advocate learning this forgotten part of US history, as I feel it affects me as an Asian American, as well as all Americans in general. The internment of Japanese Americans was a horrible part ...Read more

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Happy Mother’s Day! 母親節快樂!

Hey folks, it’s Mother’s Day today!

It’s been way too long. Just wanted to share with you a video me and my brother Geh made for our mom. I filmed it when we went to visit her in HK recently. It had been 2 years since I last saw her, and 4 years for my brother!

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.


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LA Weekly Review of the Aziatix show!


LA Weekly did a write up on last Saturday’s Aziatix show, devoting a part of the article to me as the opener! Read it Read more

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五月天Mayday’s 《倉頡》

I wanna give a shoutout to my older brother George Wang who produced the new MV for Taiwanese band Mayday. Congrats, Geh! I know how much blood and sweat you poured into this thing and it looks great. 恭喜!

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I’m opening for Aziatix March 31st!


My buddies Aziatix have asked me to open for them on March 31st! It’s their LA show at the El Rey Theater. Nicky, Eddie and Flowsik are all awesome guys and I’m thrilled to perform as their opener. Hope you guys can make it! It’s been a...Read more

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FOOD! Pt.2 – A Day in Korea

Yikes. It’s been over a month since my last post. I’m not doing a very good job of posting, sorry guys! Here’s a continuation of my food journal from my travels to Asia in February. Here’s a sampling of the awesomeness that is Korean food from my trip to Seoul last month.

PhotobucketKimchi 김치

Ah, kimchi. It’s as ubiquitous as water in Korea. Saw this during lunch. People could j...Read more

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Okay, so I was computer-less for a whopping 10 days but now I have a connection, woo hoo! Uploading pics of my favorite Taiwanese food. Trying to diet is pretty much impossible in this country. The food is just too good :) . Enjoy!


Read more

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Ahh! I’m in Taiwan visiting my family. It’s been years and I’m soaking up the city. Already ate at Din Tai Fung, and am constantly looking for other delicious treats to consume. Pictures soon.

It’s raining here, but Taipei seems more beautiful each time I visit. This is a quick post but more to come, I promise!

Surprisingly not feeling jetlagged. Amazingly I slept for hours on my flight (EVA Air rocks).

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mixtape after midnight

I’m in the habit of listening to music in the early morning hours.

Currently listening to:

  1. “Novacane” – Frank Ocean

  2. “We All Try” – Frank Ocean

  3. “Somebody That I Used to Know” – Gotye

4. 算了吧 – A-Lin

  1. 青花瓷 - 周杰倫

6. 學不會 - 林俊傑

I’ve been immersing myself into more music from Taiwan as I’m going to visit my family there in a week. It’s been ages. I guess one of the ways I’m trying to improve my language skills is by listening to more...Read more

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