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我的新歌「你好」預告片 “Hello” – Lyric Teaser Video

哇!十月過的真快,我連竄一口氣都來不及。專輯差不多錄完了,封面都照完了!主打歌要準備拍影片了。歡迎大家來看我新作品的預告片:「 你好」。專輯下個月就出來了,好快!!!我想特別謝謝 KumaKuma兄弟幫我作預告片的攝影。你們太棒了。大家來支持他們的頻道: https://www.youtube.com/kumakumafilms

Woo! So the month of October flew by and it’s already mid-November. Barely had time to catch my breath but I’m happy to announce that my album is almost done! Th...Read more

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中秋節快樂!Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

 photo tumblr_mtd9kf8iCr1qd8ktmo1_500_zps504983a6.jpg

中國文化一年三假。其中一個是中秋節。我平常不會吃甜點但是今晚已經吃了好多: 月餅,綠豆椪,喜餅(亦順軒),水利還有柚子。之前以為柚子跟葡萄柚是一樣的。也吃到烤肉了,感覺好滿足。


The Chinese calendar year has four important holidays and today is one of them.  I’m not that crazy about sweets, especially because they are so h...Read more

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September 11 美國九一一

Moment of silence 今天我要紀念以前歷史上發生的那一天

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I could never be a model/我不可能當模特

 photo 62114E0D53EF80FD75766A217279_zpsbe4ee393.jpg我最近一直在練習怎麼拍照。我就發現我是不可能當模特。我身材奇奇怪怪的還有我很不會看鏡頭。有些人就是很自然,生下來就很會拍照但我卻不是那種人。如果我不是太刻意我就是太壓抑,反正不自然就對了。我有在努力學怎麼拍照但對我而言不容易。這些照片全部都在華山拍的。

I’ve recently been practicing how to be a better photo subject. I don’t consider myself a photogenic person and after much practice, I’ve come to realize this: I co...Read more

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Interviewing Nelly in Taipei

 photo Nellyinterview_zpsb6375d33.jpgGot to interview Nelly (the rapper, not Ms. Furtado) on Friday, what?! Seemed random at the time but he was here in Taipei last Friday performing at Read more

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「女王的誕生」/ New TV comedy ‘The Queen!’

配樂,配樂!最近也為了這個新的偶像據「 女王的誕生」寫了好多配樂。配樂是背景的音樂,觀眾不會特別注意到的。但是我卻寫配樂的時候還是很開心。每一個女主角很可愛。她們演模特。來看預告!這禮拜天在三立台就開始了。

TV scoring and more TV scoring. Recently, I’ve been scoring a lot for television. New comedy “The Queen” starring Eric Suen, starts this Sunday on San Li Channel. Even though background music is written to be in the ‘background’ I still enjoy adapting theme song melodies...Read more

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「幸福選擇題」的配樂/’Second Life’ TV score

 photo 5E78798F907864C7984C_zps26a6e755.jpg最近忙到一個程度就忘記跟大家分享我為了「 幸福選擇題」寫配樂。剛快來看,三里台,八點鐘。女角是 王心凌

接下來這禮拜有一個新的偶像...Read more

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Adventures in Shinjuku 新宿大冒險

 photo ParkHyattHotel_Tokyo_zpsf00b182c.jpg

This is where I interviewed 30 Seconds to Mars, here at the Park Hyatt Hotel, in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. I know, I know, I keep putting out little teasers about it and my trip to Japan.

我在這個房間採訪了30秒上火星。這飯店很美,看起來很貴,哈哈。我來台灣之前沒想到我會有這麼多的不同的...Read more

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Tower Records still exists! 竟然Tower唱片店還存在!

 photo TowerRecords_zpsb44bc3b3.jpg


I was really shocked to see a Tower Records here in Japan…people just don’t buy records anymore. Except for the Japanese. They are still buying records, at least for now. These pictures feel like a blast from the past, 2003 or something. There a...Read more

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謝謝觀眾!Thanks everyone for coming to the show!


I’m holding an egg in my left hand or a ‘shaker’, if you will, haha. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came to the show on 8/17! I was thrilled to see so many friends, some for the first time! Even my mom, aunt and cousin showed up!

 photo 5C0F6CB35CB8_zps4230a9dd.jpg<...Read more

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Debut album \\\&quot;American Me\\\&quot; out now on iTunes and Amazon.com!

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