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<第6誡>電影預告 (10月4日上映) Official Trailer 04/10/12

This is the film I wrote and directed back in 2010, after some face lifts, cheek implants, lipo, name change and a new identity... it's finally finished, here is the trailer... Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmtU83cdVdcYou can get a sneak preview of this film on the 15/9 tickets available below, check it outhttp://www.mclcinema.com/visMovieSelect.aspx?visSearchBy=mov&visLang=1&visMovieName=Cross(P.S. it is so funny that this photo of me, taken by the assistant cameraman Mu was first used as a storyboard before shooting, then we shot the film and they ended up using the same shot on the poster, this is how an idea turns into life...) 

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woah, freaky!
almost 12 years ago
Cool, will keep an eye out for this!!
almost 12 years ago


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