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On set pics Day 5

Dressed to the nines![](/attachments/2012/05/10/02/38928_201205100204252.thumb.jpg)Yes, these are what we call upscale gangsters...William and his on set mother running a fruit stand at the ladies market in Mong Kok...William refuses to pay for protection money and gets a beating...Edward comes to William's rescue... We were all young once too... William getting beaten up once again, I swear, everything is written out in the script... A local legend known only as Brother "Nine" gave an awesome performance as a gangster looking for protection money...Bloodied up... for the 5th day in a row...
Nice end to a long ass day, a nice hotpot scene... 

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i love hotpot. man i'm hungry right now. =)
almost 9 years ago


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