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Anatomy of a Crime Scene...

Today was just like any other day, I slept in a little bit... woke up and saw that it was 1pm already... don't judge me, I was watching UFC 110 and it's hard to fall asleep after seeing one broken leg and 3 knockouts in one night...

I was hungrier than usual at this time of day and got dressed quickly. I have been living out of my office of late which is a unit in one of the many industrial buildings in Fotan. Before I left, I checked the weather report and it says it's 20 degrees outside. Stepping out onto the...Read more

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The meaning of being "Independent"...

In 1998, a film called "Pi" won the best director award at the Sundance film festival and launched the career of an important director, Darren Aronofsky who later directed "Requiem for a dream"and recently made the "Wrestler". Here is a director who didn't forget his Independent roots...

"Pi" was made with a minimal crew for $65,000 USD, the film was about a math genius who built a machine in his apartment that can predict the stock market... then 10 years lat...Read more

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To Tap or Not to Tap?

I have been a Mixed Martial Arts fan for many years, and over the years watching the different shows, one thing stands out, Japanese fighters rarely "tap out" to submissions such as chokes, armbars or kneebars...

They say it is their "Bushido" (warrior) spirit that tells them, if they were to lose, then they should die on the battlefield... for those of you who don't know what I am talking about, tapping to an opponent's submission attempt means you are accepting defeat, so that your opponent will the...Read more

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Criticism... Can you handle it???

I wanted to write about what Iessons I learned in the year 2009, if I had to boil it down to one thing, if I learned anything this year that I can bring with me to face 2010 is how to handle criticisms...

If you are a writer, director, producer, DOP... when you committ to a project, people are going to make judgements on it and it's very likely that your name would come up in a review somewhere, whether it's on Roger Ebert's site or moviepoopshoot.com...

These days on the internet, everything is a...Read more

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Any "Hilltop Hoods" fans out there?

Recently discovered this band's music, they are a hip hop band from Australia called "Hilltop Hoods", I do listen to rap but am not a huge follower, yet after listening to a few of their songs, I ended up with all their songs on my ipod and it has been on rotation for the past week...

Below are a few of their videos, check them out...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSFT2OKcdk0

Video: Read more

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John Safran's Race Relations...

I have been a fan of John Safran for many years, he's the jewish Michael Moore, who has made a few tv series that explores his own heritage as a jewish aussie...

In his latest series, "Race Relations" he is trying to figure out why he is attracted to Eurasian women over jewish women... so on his quest to find the truth, he goes through a series of tests and experiments... below are a couple of pretty funny clips from his show...

So the question is... do you know why you are attracted to peop...Read more

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Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with???

As with these things, you can list any living or dead person, it doesn't have to be celebrities tho... the point here is that if you can make this happen, who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with, by stuck, I mean it's not going anywhere and no one knows you are stuck, so yeah, the emergency button don't work... so that way the person in there with you, have no choice but to talk to you...

say... for example... the girl who broke your heart awhile back whom you haven't se...Read more

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And the Best Actress goes to...

This is in my book, a great actress... check out the video... my sister sent me this link, I have watched it like 50 times, it's the funniest thing ever...

If you tell me it took 200 takes to get the performance she gave, then fine... but I highly doubt it, she has the acting gene in her blood... natural performer!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy6dZuhOOsM

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Please vote for this "Crash the Superbowl" Ad

Two friends of mine, Lav and Michael just directed their own version of the "Crash the Superbowl" shoot your own ad competition...

Check it out on this link -http://www.crashthesuperbowl. com/#/video/3007

(Wait for the site to load to 100%, then press SKIP INTRO, and the ad will pop up) - remember to crank up your speakers when watching it.Now since we are good friends, you think I would be biased in my...Read more

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Video Tapes... DVDs... Anthony Lapaglia...

When DVDs came out, I knew I would probably end up with a lot of them... with video tape, even if you get it brand new, after you watch it a few times, the tape gets stretched and on it's 20th run, you are no longer watching the same movie you bought...'

It was 2000, a video shop in my neighbourhood in Brisbane was closing down, they were liquidating all their stock, I ended up buying a shitload of movies, I remember it was close to 300 tapes... I had no time to read all the synopsis on the back of t...Read more

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