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The Hype is over! Kimbo Slice KO'ed!

Another one for the fight fans...

You may have heard of a man by the name of Kimbo Slice, once thought of as the baddest man on earth, he would fight anyone anywhere anytime, videos of his street fights took off around the same time as youtube and he became an overnight star... And he took the MMA world by storm going 3-0 in his first year as a pro fighter...

No one expected him to lose in his original scheduled fight against Ken Shamrock, but when Ken bailed due to a cut on his head, he was replaced b...Read more

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The Ice Man got KO'ed... can you believe it...

Man! What goes up... must come down...

 I watched the recent UFC 88 event, where the main event was between Chuck the "Ice Man" Liddel and Rashad Evans.... And I have to say... I fell off my chair seeing the punch land... having been a fan of the ice man... it was heartbreaking watching him lose to Rampage... but this time... I almost wanted to cry...

The thing about Mixed Martial Arts is that there is no way to safeguard yourself from losing... the variables are just too difficult ...Read more

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Jim & Bob's Cooking Show

Here is another Comedy Due, Jim and Bob... this is an episode of their cooking show...



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Do Try This At Home! Do "The Pie"!

Hey Guys,

        Just thought I'd share with you clips of my favorite comedy duo the "Might Boosh"... These guys are by far the weirdest dudes in comedy... I was still in high school when I first saw their "The Pie"... And my sister and I would reenact this bit just about everytime either of us says the word "Pie"... I have video of us reenacting "The Pie"... I wanted to post it, but my sister said she would disown me if I do...

You guys should try it ...Read more

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Any Metal Heads Out There???

Just realised today that I haven't added any new songs to my Ipod for almost 2 months, I was part being lazy and the other part was me being content with the songs I had on it...

It was full of Audioslave, Sound Garden, Beastie Boys, HIM and Slipknot... But now that summer has arrived in HK... it's time for some new music I reckon...

Can anyone recommend some new music in the Nu metal and Hard Rock department for me??

My sister turned me to this band called Theory of a Dead Man their new album is r...Read more

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My Ray Winstone Tribute… The Best Actor Ever in my book...

Are there any Ray Winstone fans out there?


I guess most young directors dream of one day directing actors like Anthony Hopkins, Deniro or Pacino, but not me, I’ve been obsessing about making a movie with Ray Winstone since 1997… In fact I have started writing a screenplay called “Avenues and Alleyways” just for him. I have tried sending his agent info, but to no avail… prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


He’s been the best British...Read more

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What Are Your Favorite Music Videos?

Hey AnDers,


         Let us know your favorites music videos, criteria is that they are the ones you won't ever get sick watching over and over again...  Here are a few of my own...


From Michael Penn called "Try", shot in the world's longest corridor that goes on for 400 meters, with a cameo from Philip Seymore Hoffman...



This i...Read more

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What are your Top 10 favorite films of all time?

Hey fellow AnDers, prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


      I haven’t found any running Top 10 lists/Listmania going on AnD, thought I might start one, see if it will catch on… Will try to put up new subjects week to week. To begin, an easy one for me… What are your top 10 favorite films of all time?

 My Top 10 Films are...        1)     Boogie Nights  

                                              2)     Swingers

                   ...Read more

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Aaron Kwok MV 《舞林正傳》is finally here...


Hi Everyone at AnD, prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


         Before we look at the final product, let’s take a quick lesson in the truest truism of all, none is more true than “The Customer is Always Right”. Since Aaron is playing a waiter in this video, I think he would agree with me on that…


Read more

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Elliott Smith, A Fond Farewell...

21/10/2007marks the 4th anniversary of singer/songwriterElliott Smith’s death… I am surprised to find that his death is currently still an "open case", with the police no closer to solving the case.

Below is an article about the mystery that surrounds his death, raising questions about his weapon of choice... 

Read more

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