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What channel does it air on in your country? https://t.co/PYrxv3p2wv

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What do you fans think of this article? AMC isn’t giving ‘Into the Badlands’ the attention it deserves https://t.co/hdGCo5S1Sg via @hypable

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Let’s get @oliverstarkk that trophy! https://t.co/StI89CGAS2

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He’s the best! @nickjfrost https://t.co/WKb40GgISu

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Of course! He’s my boy! https://t.co/jyinTVZ8ei

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There was Kwai Chaing Caine for me. Played by a white guy. https://t.co/SOiSBoKisK

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Supercop. Drunken Master 2. https://t.co/riu6tmY6eO

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We actually shot it all at once. 16 episodes are in the can. And believe me, I am chillin’ hard right now. https://t.co/mXxrGveXCT

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Mid season finale. More to come! https://t.co/zh1TyUVYe6

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