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This Week’s Entertainment News Catch-Up https://t.co/IkLACKnna3

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Ok I admit I kind of turned into @realDonaldTrump and @kanyewest yesterday. RT: Into the Badlands star slams Emmy A… https://t.co/2N28oczCdL

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Into the Badlands star slams Emmy Awards for snubs https://t.co/xfvMpROx7O via @DigitalSpy

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These are all the thoughts that went through my head today. #snubbed #emmys https://t.co/yJqx7vtcSe

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So are you saying #emmyssowhite ? https://t.co/gIohw6L4JQ

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?✊ #snubbed #emmys @TheEmmys #intothebadlands https://t.co/40wLWngOlb

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I am ok with sounding like a crybaby fighting for the amazing people who literally kicked ass for 9 months straight… https://t.co/G3RxRir258

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RT. Happy for Sandra sad for the system that it’s taken this long for a sister to get on that list! Sandra Oh is th… https://t.co/MJcuvufA8r

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That’s taken a god damned long time! https://t.co/1SdTX4h0up

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Thanks! #snubbed #emmys #intothebadlands https://t.co/MMHsKQwFUP

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