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That’s part of it. Lack of exposure and lazy voters not doing the work they are supposed to do. I have a few other… https://t.co/j3sAVLX2JD

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I believe GOT deserves to be up there but some of the others...#snubbed #emmys @TheEmmys #intothebadlands https://t.co/6OveBa5KHj

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I wasn’t gonna say it. #snubbed #emmys @TheEmmys #intothebadlands https://t.co/BGiSey1Rwc

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Agreed. I’ve been in the biz 20 years and know better to expect that stuff to be fair but I wanted this one for my… https://t.co/KTdUFLWeCf

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Actors and shows I get. There are so many. But how many action shows are there out there? How many come close to wh… https://t.co/XQv4JWKIac

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I wish you could vote. #snubbed #emmys @TheEmmys https://t.co/xZXfMcOtww

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Damn straight! #snubbed #emmys @TheEmmys https://t.co/lQZn9fQbMj

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Well put! #snubbed #emmys @TheEmmys https://t.co/xCMwpOcNzw

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Thank you. #snubbed #emmys @TheEmmys https://t.co/2ccMK5dS3c

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This isn’t for me. It’s for our amazing stunt team and cast who literally put their lives on the line to make great… https://t.co/B2iGhua5bH

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