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Dream Home|維多利亞壹號|维多利亚壹号

NAMESTEMAY YOU ALL BE ENLIGHTENEDHope everyone is chillin out there. It has been a long long time since I have blogged.. why? Trying to get outdoors more.. but unfortunately work keeps me in front of the digital world!!Besides working on 24Herbs, i've been spending all my other time working on our new film company 852 FILMS..We have been putting our blood, sweat, tears, arms, legs, heads, bodies, penis, vaginas and most important our passion and soul.. into 852 FILMSOn May 13th 2010 our first baby will be born.. a fuckin big baby at that!!The baby's name is " DREAM HOME "!

Already this baby has become the buzz of Hong Kong!Why?- This film talks about the mental property market in Hong Kong ( " The most unaffordable homes in the world " SCMP )- This film will be the bloodiest and goriest film in Hong Kong cinema- This film is an anti-chick flick with a crazy anti-hero that is a women( Yes my wife is fuckin bananas in this film)We've been getting a lot of press about this film and it's been terrific everyone has their own thoughts about the ridiculous property market in HK.. especially the youth of HK!Here are my thoughts:To the youth.. get the fuck out of hong kong and see the world!!You may not be able to afford a home here but you can afford a plane ticket, boat ticket or bus ticket.. When your young go and explore! Backpack that shit.. believe me it's some of the best times in my life! Do not be an ignorant piece of shit all your life! learn more, experience more!!You may not want to live in Hong Kong after travelling! After your travels you find HK is home then.. try and think outside of the box here!!Learn wood work and boat building! If the land is to expensive to live on.. live on the sea!!Build your own boathouse! Noah did it!( HK government and private property developers can set up institutions to help youths build their own boathouse.. back to basics.. back to hong kong's roots.. live on the sea)Why buy a home? when you can make it!I mean even having an office for your business is getting to be pretty redundant nowadays..all you need is a blackberry and you have your office!!!Anyway enough crap from this old fart!!We are proud to bring this surreal horror by Pang Ho CheungPlease go check out DREAM HOME and have a fun time vomiting and laughing!!blessed and may you all rock!!Conroy | NAMESTE

願你們大家都受到啟發 希望每個人現在都很輕松。我已經很久很久沒有寫BLOG了... 為什麽?

我嘗試多去戶外.. 但不幸地,工作令我要留在數碼世界!!

除了在廿四味工作,我其它的所有工作時間都花在我們的新電影公司 852電影..

我們把血、汗、淚、手、腳、頭、身體、生殖器,以及最重要的,我們的激情和靈魂.. 放進852電影

2010年5月13日,我們的第一個嬰兒要出生了.. 一個非常巨大的嬰兒!!




  • 這部電影講述香港的病態房地產市場

(“世界上最負擔不起的屋” 南華早報)

  • 這部電影將是香港戲院裏最血腥暴力的電影

  • 這部電影是關於一個瘋狂的女反英雄的非女性作品


我們獲悉很多關於電影的報道。太好了,每個人都有他們自己關於香港荒謬的房地產市場的想法.. 尤其是香港的年青人!


對年青人.. 沖出香港去看世界吧!

你可能買不起這裏的一間屋,但你買得起一張飛機票,船票或者巴士票.. 當你年輕時,出去探索! 背起背囊吧.. 相信我,這就是我生命中最美好的時光! 不要成為一個對生命無知的人! 多學習,多體驗!!


如果旅行後你發現香港是你的家.. 嘗試突破這裏的框框去思考!!

學習伐木和造船!如果住在陸上太貴.. 去海上住!

(香港政府和私人地產發展商可以成立機構幫助年青人建造他們自己的船屋.. 回到最基本的.. 回到香港的發源.. 住在海上)










愿你们大家都受到启发 希望每个人现在都很轻松。我已经很久很久没有写BLOG了... 为什么?

我尝试多去户外.. 但不幸地,工作令我要留在数码世界!!

除了在廿四味工作,我其它的所有工作时间都花在我们的新电影公司 852电影..

我们把血、汗、泪、手、脚、头、身体、生殖器,以及最重要的,我们的激情和灵魂.. 放进852电影

2010年5月13日,我们的第一个婴儿要出生了.. 一个非常巨大的婴儿!!




  • 这部电影讲述香港的病态房地产市场

(“世界上最负担不起的屋” 南华早报)

  • 这部电影将是香港戏院里最血腥暴力的电影

  • 这部电影是关于一个疯狂的女反英雄的非女性作品


我们获悉很多关于电影的报道。太好了,每个人都有他们自己关于香港荒谬的房地产市场的想法.. 尤其是香港的年青人!


对年青人.. 冲出香港去看世界吧!

你可能买不起这里的一间屋,但你买得起一张飞机票,船票或者巴士票.. 当你年轻时,出去探索! 背起背囊吧.. 相信我,这就是我生命中最美好的时光! 不要成为一个对生命无知的人!多学习,多体验!!


如果旅行后你发现香港是你的家.. 尝试突破这里的框框去思考!!

学习伐木和造船!如果住在陆上太贵.. 去海上住!

(香港政府和私人地产发展商可以成立机构帮助年青人建造他们自己的船屋.. 回到最基本的.. 回到香港的发源.. 住在海上)









almost 10 years ago 0 likes  16 comments  0 shares
Photo 515880
Like the way you speak your mind and use your words....
almost 10 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
I heard "Dream Home" will be censored despite the CAT3 rating. Will we be guaranteed an uncut version when it comes out to DVD/BD?
almost 10 years ago
Default avatar
Dream Home is everything I like in a film, a strong if a little crazy female lead, a film that dares to be different and outspoken, it's going to be great. I'm all for living on a boat, i think the young need to consider that way more and more, especially the freedom it gives you.
almost 10 years ago
the movie looks awesome! I am promoting it in spanish for the hk cinema fans in spain and south america, so keep the news coming!! Also, Hk property, 6 years ago I cud rent a 2 room nice appartment in Wanchai for 7k. Last year, same appartment, more than 20k..I mean, COME ON!!!
almost 10 years ago
"Anti-chick flick..." You had me right there! I see the ads on the side of the trams everywhere! Can't wait to watch this one, dude.
almost 10 years ago
Photo 43244
word, brutha!
almost 10 years ago
Danielchan d3 danielchan
Can't wait to see the film, will we get to see the money shot from Lawrence's death scene in the cinemas?
almost 10 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
looking forward to it tonight baby!
almost 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
welcome back to alivenotdead! =D ya, i totally hear you about the ridiculous housing prices here....
almost 10 years ago
Photo 546532
i love hong kong cinema. its just a shame i cant see it since i live so far awaay. WHY DONT PEOPLE LOVE HONG KONG MOVIES??? GIVE IT A FUCKING CHANSE!!!!!. And i love your wife.
almost 10 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Well said. HK needs cultural reform on top of housing reform. The local culture just doesn't grow leaders when normal sentiment is so negative and jaded about everything. The high housing price make the basic dream of home ownership unattainable and it exacerbates the negative attitudes by making its people an even more defeatist group. The youth don't look up to anyone other than celebrities, and they live vicariously in these unrealistic bubbles of glam and fame. The youth here need to rise up and think outside of this troubled culture and build a generation with realistic hope and dreams. May be all the pop stars should start urging kids to study and become leaders and not followers. Btw, looking forward to seeing the film. I can't wait to laugh so hard that I vomit. Peace.
almost 10 years ago
Photo 109064
add oil add oil
almost 10 years ago
Photo 546136
almost 10 years ago
Photo 552786
我喜欢 维多利亚一号的宣传片
almost 10 years ago
Photo 539485
mate, when are you gonna get that 852films.com website up? slacker! hehe just kidding... just want to see you showcase your art :)
over 9 years ago
Default avatar
Good advice - be great to see some creative thinking on property- Surprised tech and social media hasn't provided a solution- a co- op development would be an interesting experiment.
almost 8 years ago



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